4 Online Games To Try On Your Tablet Today

Mobile gaming companies continue spending more time and resources developing online games for tablet gamers. The slightly wider display is proving to be an intriguing challenge for gaming designers, and many are rising to it with great aplomb. 

Although we will only cover four online games to check out today, there are thousands of free games to explore online. We’re sticking to the free games, and although you can find paid versions and enter paid competitions for some of these games, they’re great ways to keep the brain active and sharp. 

#1 – Chess

As one of the oldest board games in existence, chess has found a whole new audience online. Not all board games have made the leap into the digital 21st century, but there are now hundreds of different ways to play chess on your mobile device. Chess online was a revelation about 20 years ago. 

While it’s always maintained a strong audience, the recent developments of chess games on tablets and iPads have breathed new life into the game that dates back to the 6th century. Chess bears similarities with other games that have made a seamless leap from traditional platforms to a new digital age. 

Many believed chess would struggle to do this, just as many predicted that casino gaming would struggle to find a digital audience in the early 1990s.

Casino gaming is another industry that has adapted to the switch toward tablets and iPads – and it’s been able to climb on board with an array of innovations, from fresh deposit methods where you can play with Maestro to casino platforms that have literally thousands of games to choose from. 

The last few years have seen casino platforms and game designers gravitate toward tablets, particularly in the slot gaming sector. This trend is spreading to wider gaming, with chess also being a fantastic example. 

Obviously, the mere idea that people thought chess or casino gaming wouldn’t be able to be where they are now is laughable – chess.com, according to figures in April 2023, has over 10 million daily active users, where you can start a game and play against anybody else in the world – so why not pit your wits against them?

#2 – Wordle

Is it 2022 again? There probably wasn’t a person around in 2022 who didn’t play Wordle. It was the biggest viral mobile gaming sensation for years, so much so that the founder sold the app to the New York Times for a multimillion-dollar sum.

It felt like a couple of years ago that you couldn't go anywhere without hearing about Wordle or seeing somebody playing it. 

While millions of people still play Wordle, it hasn’t again reached the heights it did a couple of years ago, and the number of players continues to decline. However, The New York Times has stated that there are three million active daily users on their site who still play Wordle, so it's not that small a number.

This probably isn’t the greatest sales pitch, but it’s a fun game. We had a great time playing it back in 2022, and we still play it now. Most importantly, it’s still free!

#3 – 8 Ball Pool

Pool is another game, similar to chess, that people doubted could make the move from pool halls to mobile devices. Well, considering some of the highest-rated games on the Apple and Google Play Store are pool games with millions of positive reviews, we’d say it’s successfully made the transition.

8 ball pool has benefited from the more expansive screen display – more so than the other games we’ve touched on.

Although you can play them all on your smartphone, and the tablet versions are just as enthralling, considering you need to have an array of angles and more areas of the screen to touch when you play 8 ball pool explains why it’s become such a big hit for those who have Android tablets or Apple iPads.

#4 – Crossword puzzles

There are hundreds of crossword puzzles you can find online. Prior to the ubiquity of the internet, crossword puzzles and other word games like word searches would be a big selling point for newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, you can find a plethora of them online. Not only are they good for keeping the brain sharp but they’re also free.

Due to the large displays on a tablet, you can find crosswords across a bigger surface area than the smaller ones you play on your mobile phone. 

We’ve only glossed over the surface today. iPads and tablets have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for game designers and added a new dimension to already popular games. Chess and 8-ball pool are probably the best examples that we’ve touched on. 

In the early 2010s, they exploded onto the scene, with millions of people playing them on newly designed and innovative smartphones.

While this number didn’t diminish significantly, the rise of the iPad and the pivot toward larger screen devices meant that games like 8 Ball Pool could benefit. The larger displays meant that the games could operate more intricately and with greater attention to detail, so we’ve included them both on our list today.