27-Inch Samsung M50C Series Smart Monitor With Direct Access To Streaming, Gaming, And Microsoft 365 Launches For $279

Samsung has just started taking orders for their new 2023 Smart Monitor, which is the Samsung Smart Monitor M5 (M50C series):

Personally I've always enjoyed these Samsung monitors, not just because of their main features of a built-in TV and apps, but the way they are set up too, in combination with Samsung's color accurate quality displays.

It also work with Apple AirPlay, they are Windows certified, and now even have HealthTap telemedicine app. It's possible to set it up as a smart hub too, which can be set up to show personal content every day, or be used as a full smart home controller, without connecting it to a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Samsung Smart Monitor M50C

But it can be used with a keyboard, mouse, and connected directly to Microsoft 365 without the need for a computer in the middle.

In a similar fashion it can be used for gaming too, where it can be connected directly to cloud gaming like Xbox, Nvidia GeForce NOW, Twitch, in addition to its capacity of also being used as a TV, Nexflix, Hulu, or Apple TV streamer, or just a regular monitor.

And it has a remote control too, which most regular computer monitors still lack.

Also, this model is a 27-incher, so it takes up less desk space than the larger 32-inch Samsung M8 series of 4K smart monitors.

Samsung Smart Monitor M5
Get direct access to cloud computing without a PC in the middle

– Tom Bowen