21 Exciting Samsung One UI 6.0 Features You Should Know

Samsung has recently rolled out the second beta version of its new One UI 6.0 update. This update brings a host of functional and aesthetic improvements that will enhance your overall user experience. Let’s dive into some of the best One UI 6.0 features that you need to know about.

Updates in the Home Screen and Lock Screen

1. Revamped Quick Settings Panel

The quick settings panel in One UI 6.0 has undergone a major makeover. It is now more organized and separates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smart View, and Device control toggles. Additionally, options like Dark mode and Eye comfort have been combined with the Brightness slider.

2. Quick Gesture to Quick Settings Panel

A new gesture has been introduced to quickly access the Quick Settings panel. With a single swipe from the top right corner, you can instantly open the Quick Settings panel, similar to how the Control Center works on the iPhone.

3. Spaced Out Notification Panel

Notifications in One UI 6.0 are now categorized and spaced out, giving each notification enough room to breathe. This results in a cleaner and more organized look.

4. Album Art on Media Control

The media control on the notification panel now displays the album art as the background, giving it a visually appealing touch. Additionally, there is a new wavy animation on the seek bar, adding a sleek aesthetic.

5. Reposition Your Lock Screen Clock

In One UI 6.0, you have the freedom to move the lock screen clock anywhere in the upper half of the screen. This customization option allows you to personalize your lock screen to your liking.

6. App Names Are Restricted to One Line

The app names on the home screen are now restricted to one line, giving a cleaner and more consistent look to the app drawer.

7. New Font All Over

One UI 6.0 introduces a new modern serif font across the entire interface, providing a calmer and more refined look to the operating system.

8. Smarter Airplane Mode

Enabling Airplane mode no longer automatically turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you turn them on while in Airplane mode, your phone will remember the setting for the next time, eliminating the need to reconnect your accessories.

9. Pop-Up Apps are Now Available on Recent Apps Page

Pop-up apps are now accessible on the recent apps page, making it easier to close them without the need to open the pop-up or close the app.

10. Updated Emojis, Icons, Toggles, and Sliders

One UI 6.0 brings a much-needed update to Samsung’s emojis, making them sharper and more visually appealing. Icons are now more colorful, toggles are bigger, and sliders are thicker, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Updates in Camera and Gallery

11. Icon to Change Resolution

You can now change the resolution while taking photos directly from the Camera app without going to the camera settings.

12. Level Meter on Camera

The Camera app now features a level meter that helps you level your photos perfectly. This feature ensures that your photos are aligned correctly.

13. Drag and Drop With Two-Fingers

One UI 6.0 allows you to select a photo in the Gallery app and seamlessly drag and drop it to other apps or albums without lifting your finger. This feature is particularly useful for organizing your photos.

14. Previews in Share Sheet

When sharing images, videos, or files, One UI 6.0 displays a preview in the share sheet, allowing you to verify the content before sending it. Additionally, in the Gallery app, you can select other images from the same album directly from the share sheet.

15. More Sharing Options

The share sheet in One UI 6.0 now offers different options depending on the app or file type selected. For example, when sharing a webpage from Chrome, you have the option to include a long screenshot of the webpage along with the link.

16. Studio App

Samsung has introduced a new video editor app called Studio in One UI 6.0. This app allows you to add video and photo clips, transitions, music, text, and even stickers to your videos. It is a powerful tool for creating and editing videos on your Samsung device.

Updates in Other Samsung Apps

17. Revamped Weather app and Widget

The Weather app has received a UI refresh, along with new information such as moon phases, wind direction, snowfall, atmospheric pressure, and more. It also features a new interactive map view to check weather details. Additionally, the Weather app now offers new widgets with updated visuals.

18. Clean the Storage Space

The Samsung Files app now includes a Manage Storage option that allows you to delete app caches, duplicate and large files, unused apps, and files in the recycle bin, all in one place. This feature makes it easier to free up storage space on your device.

Updates in Settings

19. Auto Blocker

One UI 6.0 introduces a new security feature called Auto Blocker. It scans for malware in apps, chats, and even blocks unauthorized commands through USB cables. This feature adds an extra layer of protection to your device.

20. New Accessibility Settings

Accessibility settings in One UI 6.0 have been improved with more functional magnification options and the ability to customize cursor thickness when editing documents. The Recommended for you section offers personalized suggestions for using features like Extra dim and Dark Mode.

21. Easier Access to Battery Settings

Battery and Device Care have been separated in One UI 6.0, and the battery info now provides more detailed insights, including 7 days of battery details, charging times, and apps consuming more battery.

These are just some of the exciting features that One UI 6.0 brings to Samsung devices. With its functional and aesthetic improvements, One UI 6.0 enhances the overall user experience and makes using your Samsung device even more enjoyable.

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