18 Google Lens Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Google Lens is a powerful tool that goes beyond just searching for information about the objects around you. With a plethora of features, Google Lens can help you in various ways, from scanning barcodes to translating text in real-time. In this article, we will explore 18 tips and tricks to help you make the most out of Google Lens.

1. Scan Barcodes and QR Codes

Forget about downloading separate barcode scanner apps. With Google Lens, you can quickly scan any barcode or QR code just by opening the app and pointing your camera at it. No special modes or settings required.

2. Copy Text from the Real World

Google Lens allows you to easily copy text from anywhere. By changing the lens mode to text, you can select and copy text from your surroundings, just like you would on a webpage. You can even copy text directly from images on your phone.

3. Translate any Text in Real-Time

Google Lens has a powerful translation feature. When you come across text in a language you don't understand, simply use Google Lens to translate it. The lens can auto-detect the language and convert it into a language that you are familiar with. You can also manually change the language settings.

4. Listen to Papers and Books

Instead of reading a book, you can use Google Lens to listen to it. By scanning the book's page and selecting the Listen option, you can have the text read aloud to you. This feature is also available for translated text.

5. Send Text to Desktop

If you want to quickly send text from your phone to your desktop, Google Lens can help. By scanning the text and selecting the option “Copy to computer,” you can easily paste the text on your desktop using Google Chrome.

6. Save Calendar Events

Google Lens can scan invitations or any text with a date and time and directly add them as calendar events. It can understand dates and times written in different formats, making it convenient for saving important events.

7. Save Contacts from Business Cards

Save contacts effortlessly by using Google Lens to scan business cards. It automatically picks up all the necessary details and allows you to save them with just a tap. The contact details will be added to your default Contacts app.

8. Call/Email Any Contact

When you come across a phone number or email address on billboards or banners, Google Lens can make calling or emailing easier. Simply scan the number or email address using Google Lens, and it will provide you with the option to call or email directly.

9. Complete Homework

Google Lens has a dedicated mode for solving math problems. By scanning a math equation, Google Lens can display the results and even provide steps to solve the problem. This feature is currently limited to math problems.

10. Shop Anything You See

With Google Lens, you can shop for anything you see. By selecting the shopping option and pointing the camera at an item, Google Lens will provide you with links to buy that item. You can even find similar products based on the design.

11. Multi-Search

Take your Google Lens searches to the next level with multi-search. This feature allows you to search with both images and text simultaneously. For example, you can scan a product and add specific text queries to refine your search results.

12. Use Lens on Google Photos

Google Lens is integrated into the Google Photos app. When viewing photos in Google Photos, simply tap on the lens icon to start scanning with Google Lens. You can switch between different lens modes for search, text, translation, homework, and shopping.

13. Use Lens on Google Search

You can use Google Lens on the desktop by searching for images on Google and clicking on the lens icon. This will perform a Google Lens search instead of a normal image search. However, some features may not be available on the desktop.

14. Use Lens on Google Chrome

If you're using Google Chrome on your desktop, you can use Google Lens on any image by right-clicking and selecting “Search with Google Lens.” This will launch Google Lens in the right sidebar, allowing you to copy and translate text as well.

15. Find Best Dishes on Restaurant's Menu

When you're in a restaurant, use Google Lens in Dining mode to scan the menu. Google Lens will highlight the best dishes based on aggregated reviews from customers.

16. Find Nearby Restaurants

In Dining mode, you can scan a dish or a photo and add the word “Nearby” in the multi-search. This will help you find nearby restaurants that serve similar dishes.

17. Ctrl+F the World Around You

With scene exploration, you can ask Google Lens any query by showing scans of multiple objects. For example, you can ask Google Lens to show you nut-free chocolates by scanning all the chocolates in a row. Google Lens will highlight the results according to your needs.

18. Use Google Lens Mode From Camera App

Many third-party camera apps now integrate Google Lens. By changing the mode to Google Lens, you can access various features like searching, text recognition, translation, and scanning QR codes.

Using Google Lens in conjunction with Google Search and Google Assistant opens up new and interesting ways to search and explore. With these tips and tricks, you can unlock the full potential of Google Lens and make your life easier.