16GB RAM iPad Pros On Sale With $200 Off

We should add Apple's iPad Pro tablets to the January tablet sales list now, considering the current discount. There are five different storage options for the current generation of iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9, and the largest storage versions are currently on sale with $200 off their regular price:

These are the models with either 1TB or 2TB storage. But what's more, these two iPads are also distinguished from the smaller storage models by featuring twice as much working memory.

The 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB models all feature 8GB of RAM, but the largest storage iPad Pros actually has twice the RAM too at 16GB.

iPad Pro 12.9
iPad Pro

People I know who use a 16GB RAM iPad Pro don't seem to think that the additional RAM actually offers any particular improvement to the performance yet, and previously their concern was that they overpaid.

But on sale, that additional RAM comes for free with the extra storage, so in that sense, people should not fear overpaying for additional RAM at least.

– Tom Bowen