15 Exciting Discord Games to Spice Up Your Server

Looking to bring some fun and excitement to your Discord server? Adding games is a great way to engage your community and keep them active. However, finding reliable and enjoyable gaming bots can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best Discord games that you can easily add to your server.

How to Add Discord Games to Your Server

Before we dive into the games, let’s quickly learn how to add a game bot to your server. Adding games is a breeze – simply click on the provided link and select the “Add to Server” button. From there, choose your server and click “Continue.” Finally, authorize the game bot to access your server by clicking the “Authorize” button. Repeat these steps for each game bot you want to add.

Add to server on Discord

1. Wordle

Wordle is a popular word-guessing game that recently went viral. Challenge your server members to guess a 5-letter word in 6 chances. You can control the Wordle game through simple commands like “/wordle” to start the game, “/guess” to make a guess, “/quit” to stop the game, and “/rules” to check the rules. It’s a fun way to engage and collaborate with friends while finding the correct word.

Wordle Discord Bot

2. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a classic game that needs no introduction. Choose between truth or dare and have a blast with your server members. The Discord server game bot makes it easier by providing random truths and dares from a bowl. You can even customize the questions to increase the level of excitement. Get ready for some hilarious and revealing moments!

Truth or Dare Discord Bot

3. Epic RPG

Embark on an epic role-playing adventure with Epic RPG. As a server member, you’ll need to earn coins, buy inventory, and increase your level and XP. Stay active on the server and take advantage of hunting opportunities to level up your weaponry. Compete with others and keep the server buzzing with excitement.

Epic RPG Discord Bot

4. Virtual Fisher

If you enjoy fishing, Virtual Fisher is the game for you. Catch fish, sell them for in-game cash, and upgrade your equipment to catch even more. It’s a simple yet entertaining game that adds a touch of relaxation to your server.

Virtual Fisher Discord Bot

5. Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a feature-rich role-playing game with a massive following. Join millions of Discord server installations and engage in activities like fishing, hunting, and even stealing XP from other players. With a wide range of equipment, levels, and pets, Dank Memer offers endless entertainment for server members.

Dank Memer Discord Bot

6. Wheel of Names

While not a game itself, Wheel of Names is a fantastic tool for creating fun games on your Discord server. Create a wheel with the names of server members and use it for games like truth or dare or any other game that can benefit from a random selection. It’s also useful for making impartial decisions.

Wheel of Names Discord Bot

7. Guess the Song

Challenge your server members’ musical knowledge with Guess the Song. This quiz game plays songs, and players have to guess the title and artist. With various modes like multiple choice and answer input, it’s a great way to test your music trivia skills.

Guess The Song Discord Bot

8. Futeboll Soccer

Bring the excitement of soccer to your Discord server with Futeboll Soccer. Create teams, play against the bot, or challenge other players in thrilling matches. With different game modes to choose from, you’ll never get bored.

Futebol Soccer Discord Bot

9. TriviaBot

Test your knowledge with TriviaBot. This quiz game offers a wide range of categories and allows you to play as the host or let the bot take charge. With timed questions and hints, it’s a great way to challenge your server members and spark friendly competition.

TriviaBot Discord Bot

10. PokeMeow

Pokemon fans, rejoice! PokeMeow brings the world of Pokemon to your Discord server. Catch Pokemon, engage in battles, and build your collection. While it may have a smaller inventory compared to other RPG games, it’s a must-have for Pokemon enthusiasts.

Pokemeow Discord Bot

11. GamBot

Feeling lucky? GamBot is a game bot that offers exciting mini-games like blackjack, coinflip, and roulette. Test your luck and strategy as you place bets and try to increase your game cash. With daily rewards, gifting options, and a clean dashboard, GamBot offers a comprehensive gaming experience.

GamBot Discord Bot

12. Mudae

Anime fans, this one’s for you. Mudae lets you collect anime and manga characters on your Discord server. With a vast selection of characters to choose from, you can exchange, trade, and build your unique collection. It’s the perfect game bot to satisfy your anime cravings.

Mudae Discord Bot

13. Connect 4

Challenge your friends to a classic game of Connect 4 on your Discord server. Strategically place your coins to connect four of them in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Play against other players or test your skills against the bot.

Connect 4 Discord Bot

14. Tic Tac Toe

It’s time for a friendly game of Tic Tac Toe. Place your X or O strategically on a 3×3 grid and aim to get three in a row. Play against other server members or challenge the bot. It’s a classic game that never gets old.

TicTacToe Discord Bot

15. Hangman

Test your vocabulary skills with Hangman. Multiple players can participate simultaneously, making it a great game for community engagement. Guess the letters and try to unravel the word before it’s too late. It’s a fantastic way to foster teamwork and have fun together.

Hangman Discord Bot

Adding these games to your Discord server is a surefire way to keep your community engaged and entertained. Remember to use the “/help” command for each bot to familiarize yourself with the available commands. So what are you waiting for? Get gaming and create unforgettable experiences on your Discord server!

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