14 Tips to Create Amazing YouTube Shorts

The popularity of short videos is on the rise, and platforms like YouTube and Instagram have embraced this trend. Creating YouTube Shorts doesn't require any specialized editing experience or tools. In fact, most apps that support short videos come with built-in editing features. If you're wondering how to make YouTube Shorts, check out these tips to create and edit captivating videos. Just make sure to update your YouTube app to the latest version before trying out these tips.

1. Record Videos Easily

Recording your Shorts video is a breeze. You have two options to start and stop recording. Simply tap the red record button to start and stop recording. Alternatively, press and hold the record button and release it when you're done recording.

2. Record Multiple Scenes

YouTube Shorts allows you to record multiple scenes and seamlessly join them together. Each scene is represented by a red bar, separated by white bars, on the timeline. To delete a previous scene, use the Undo button, and to bring it back, use the Redo button.

3. Flip Camera

Switching between the front and back camera while recording YouTube Shorts is simple. Double-tap on the screen or tap on the Flip camera icon to switch between cameras.

4. Change Speed of Recording

You can adjust the speed of your YouTube Shorts video while recording. Simply press the 1x icon on the recording screen and choose the desired speed. You can select speeds ranging from 0.3x to 3x. To record at normal speed, press the 1x icon again.

5. Set Timer

To record hands-free without continuously pressing the record button, you can set a countdown timer. Tap on the Timer icon on the recording screen, select the start time and end time for the recording, and tap Start.

6. Align Video Segments

Aligning consecutive video scenes enhances the transitions in your YouTube Shorts video. After recording the first scene, tap on the Align (Ghost) icon. You'll see a ghost-like preview of the previous scene. Align the next scene with the ghost-like preview and tap the same button to turn off alignment mode.

7. Change Duration of Videos

By default, YouTube Shorts videos are limited to 15 seconds. However, you can extend the duration to up to 60 seconds. Press the 15 above the record button to change it to 60 and record longer videos.

8. Add Video from Gallery

If you have a video in your gallery that you want to upload to YouTube Shorts, you can easily do so. Tap on the Gallery icon located on the left side of the record button. Select the desired video and trim it to the desired length.

9. Save Video as Draft

If you need to pause your YouTube Shorts video creation for urgent work, you can save the currently recorded video as a draft. Simply press the back button or use the back gesture. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to delete or save the video. Tap on Save and Exit. You can continue recording more scenes for the draft video later.

10. Add Music to Video

YouTube offers a vast catalog of music that you can add to your Shorts videos. You can add music while recording or after recording the video. Unfortunately, you cannot import or upload music from your local storage at the moment.

11. Get Audio from Any YouTube Video

If you like the soundtrack in someone else's YouTube Shorts video, you can use the same sound for your video. Open the video with the desired sound, tap on the Sound button at the bottom, and select Use this sound. You can also save it for later by tapping on Favorites.

12. Add and Customize Text

Text enhances the impact of your YouTube Shorts video. You can easily add text by tapping the Text button on the editing screen. Use the available formatting options to change the text size, alignment, background style, font, and color. You can also resize, rotate, and reposition the text using gestures.

13. Add Multiple or Disappearing Text

To add multiple text messages that appear at different times throughout the video or create disappearing text, add the first text, tap the Text button again, and use the timeline view to adjust each text's timing. Drag the text slider to set the duration of each text.

14. Add Filter

Use the Filter button on the editing screen to apply various effects to your YouTube Shorts video. Choose the desired filter from the available options.

These tips will help you create amazing YouTube Shorts videos. If you're not satisfied with the editing features provided by the YouTube app, you can use third-party video editing apps like InShot or VN editor to enhance your Shorts videos. You can also create an Instagram Reel, download it to your gallery, and add it to YouTube Shorts. Now, go ahead and unleash your creativity with YouTube Shorts!