14-Inch Dual-Screen Asus Zenbook Unveiling On May 9th

Asus is the undisputed king of dual-screen laptops, and they've started teasing a new dual-screen laptop now due for an unveiling next month that should help Asus maintain its leadership position.

On May 9, or May 10 all depending on the time zone you live in, Asus will host an entire even for the unveiling of a new 14-inch dual-screen laptop in the Asus Zenbook range of dual-screen laptops.

But the secondary screen appears to have grown significantly on the new 2022 model, and not only that, but Asus says this will be the most powerful 14-inch laptop today.

Asus loves secondary screens so much that it's also something of a leader in portable external monitors, so based on their knowledge it will be exiting to see what Asus has come up with.

I noticed there are as much as six front sensors on cameras on the bezel around the main display, so the new 14-inch Asus Zenbook Duo should be well equipped.

– Tom Bowen