14 Effective Fixes for Apple Music Pausing Error

Apple Music is a popular music streaming service for iPhone users, known for its seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem. However, like any other app, Apple Music can have its fair share of issues. One common problem users face is the app randomly pausing while playing songs. If you've been annoyed by this issue, worry no more! We've gathered some effective fixes to prevent Apple Music from pausing unexpectedly.

1. Force Restart Your iPhone

A simple yet effective solution is to force restart your iPhone. This action gives the operating system a fresh start, resolving any underlying issues causing Apple Music to pause randomly. Press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button. Finally, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

2. Disable and Re-Enable Dolby Atmos

Multiple Apple Community users have reported resolving their Apple Music issues by disabling and re-enabling the Dolby Atmos feature on their iPhones. You can try this fix yourself. Open the Settings app, scroll down to Music, and tap on Dolby Atmos. Select Off, wait a few seconds, and then select Automatic.

3. Disable Automatic Ear Detection for AirPods

If you use AirPods with the Automatic Ear Detection feature enabled, this may be the reason why Apple Music keeps pausing. The AirPods' sensors can misinterpret slight movements or adjustments as removing the AirPods, causing unintended pauses. To disable this feature, go to Settings, tap on your AirPods, and turn off the switch next to Automatic Ear Detection.

4. Turn Off Bluetooth

Sometimes, Apple Music might pause if your iPhone attempts to connect to a nearby Bluetooth audio device. To avoid this, it's best to turn off Bluetooth when you're using your iPhone's speakers or wired headphones. Open Settings, go to Bluetooth, and turn off the switch next to Bluetooth.

5. Enable Autoplay in Apple Music

If Apple Music pauses by itself when a song or playlist ends, it's likely that you've turned off the Autoplay feature. To enable it, open the music player in Apple Music, tap the Play Next icon in the bottom right corner, and then tap the infinity icon.

6. Stop Apple Maps From Pausing Audio During Navigation

Apple Music may pause if you're using Apple Maps for directions on your iPhone. To prevent this, you can configure the Maps app to lower the music volume instead of pausing Apple Music entirely. Open Settings, tap on Maps, tap on Spoken Directions, and turn off the toggle next to Directions Pause Spoken Audio.

7. Disable Low Data Mode

Enabling Low Data Mode on your iPhone can limit Apple Music's ability to efficiently use the internet, causing the app to pause repeatedly. To disable Low Data Mode on Wi-Fi, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the info icon next to your Wi-Fi network, and turn off the switch next to Low Data Mode. Similarly, for mobile data, go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options, tap on Data Mode, and select Standard.

8. Disable Low Power Mode

Enabling Low Power Mode can also restrict an app's ability to work at its full potential. If the problem persists, open Settings, go to Battery, and toggle off the Low Power Mode option.

9. Download Tracks or Albums

To avoid random pauses in Apple Music, you can download songs or albums for offline usage. Simply search for the song, tap Add, and then head to the Library tab to download it by tapping the cloud icon.

10. Remove and Download Tracks Again

If Apple Music pauses only while listening to downloaded tracks, those songs may have become corrupted. Try deleting and downloading those songs again. Long-press on the song in the Apple Music app, select Remove, and then select Remove Downloads to confirm. Download the song again and check if the issue persists.

11. Check Apple Music System Status

Sometimes, the Apple Music app may misbehave on your iPhone due to server-side issues. To check if there's a widespread outage with Apple Music, visit Apple's System Status page.

12. Reinstall the Apple Music App

If the issue remains unresolved, consider uninstalling the Apple Music app and reinstalling it. Tap and hold the Apple Music app icon, select Remove App, and then tap Delete App. Download Apple Music again from the App Store and check if the problem is resolved.

13. Install iOS Updates

Updating your iPhone's software can often fix bugs and improve performance. If the random pauses are caused by a bug, installing the latest iOS updates should help. Open Settings, go to General > Software Update, and download and install any pending updates.

14. Reset Network Settings

Network-related issues can also cause Apple Music to pause unexpectedly. Instead of going through individual network settings, reset them to their default values. Launch the Settings app, go to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone, tap Reset, and choose Reset Network Settings.

With these effective fixes, you can bid farewell to the frustration of Apple Music randomly pausing. Give them a try and enjoy uninterrupted music streaming on your iPhone!