13 Effective Ways to Save Battery on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Planning a long hike or a cross-country cycling marathon but worried about your Samsung Galaxy phone's battery life? Don't fret! We have compiled a list of effective ways to save battery on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Let's dive right in.

1. Simple, Effective Tricks

  • Turn off unnecessary radio services: Reduce battery usage by turning off Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, and NFC when not in use. These services consume a significant amount of battery power.
  • Turn on Dark Mode: Switch to Dark Mode if your Galaxy phone has an AMOLED display. This will save battery by turning off pixels on the display.
  • Switch Mobile Data from 5G to 4G: Switch to 4G mobile data when you don't need high-speed internet, as 5G consumes more battery.

2. Switch Display to FHD+

If you have a top-tier Samsung Galaxy flagship with a QHD+ or 1440 display, consider switching to FHD+ or 1080 resolution. This reduces battery usage by using fewer pixels.

3. Reduce Screen Timeout

Reduce the screen timeout duration to save battery. Set it to 30 or 15 seconds, so the screen turns off after a short period of inactivity.

4. Turn Off Extra Brightness

If you have a newer Samsung Galaxy phone, such as the 23 series, turn off the extra brightness feature. It consumes battery unnecessarily.

5. Change Always On Display Preferences

Instead of turning off Always On Display completely, change the setting to show up for a brief 5 seconds when you tap the screen once.

6. Change Motion Smoothness Options

Switch motion smoothness to Standard to save battery. This may make the display appear slightly choppy, but it conserves battery power.

7. Turn Off Excess Sounds and Vibrations

Reduce battery usage by turning off excess sounds and vibrations in the system settings.

8. Uninstall Less Used Apps

Consider uninstalling apps that you don't use frequently. Fewer apps mean fewer background activities and less battery consumption.

9. Change Battery Settings

Enable Background usage limits to put unused apps to sleep automatically, reducing battery usage.

10. Turn Off Nearby Device Scanning

Turn off Nearby Device Scanning to prevent unnecessary Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location usage, which drains the battery.

11. Use Wired Earphones

Opt for wired earphones instead of Bluetooth ones to conserve battery power while listening to music.

12. Adjust Performance Profile

Change the performance profile to Light when you don't need high performance, such as during regular usage.

13. Turn On Power Saver Mode

Use Power Saver Mode when your phone is idle with minimal usage. It limits app usage and saves battery power.

With these tips and tricks, you can significantly extend your Samsung Galaxy phone's battery life and enjoy your outdoor adventures without worrying about running out of power. Take control of your phone's battery usage and make the most out of your device. Happy exploring!