12GB DDR4 RAM For Mediatek Mobile Chips In 2019

Smartphones and tablets have become very powerful by 2018, but if we take a look at some of the new technologies that will be implemented in tablets in 2019, we can see that we get a significant uptick in speed and power in several areas.

Micron Technologies have now announced that they will be delivering 12GB RAM (LPDDR4X DRAM) for MediaTek's new Helio P90 chipsets.

There's more to this than just fast RAM at large capacities. These are also more low-power consuming RAM than previous models, with additional performance geared towards AI and 5G compatibility. Data rate speeds are up to 4266 megabits per second.

And even though Chinese tablet brands are quick at adapting new technologies, the new chipsets are still over half a year way, as the new MediaTek P90 chipsets with the Micron LPDDR4X RAM won't go into production before the coming summer 2019.

– Tom Bowen