11 Tips to Customize StandBy Mode in iOS 17 on iPhone

StandBy mode turns your iPhone into a customizable smart display when placed horizontally on a charger.

The default view shows an analog clock and calendar, but you can completely tailor StandBy to your preferences with widgets, photos, clock designs, and notification settings.

This guide will walk you through 11 tips to take full advantage of customizing StandBy mode in iOS 17 on your iPhone.

Activating StandBy Mode

Activating StandBy Mode
Activating StandBy Mode

Enabling StandBy is effortless – just place your iPhone horizontally on any wireless or wired charger with the screen locked.

StandBy activates automatically in seconds, showing the default clock and calendar.

If it's your first time using the mode, you'll see a welcome splash screen. Swipe left/right to begin customizing.

Adding & Deleting StandBy Widgets

The default StandBy view displays clock and calendar widgets. Long press either widget to enter edit mode.

Tap the + icon to open widget suggestions – scroll and select your desired widgets.

Many offer customization after adding them – tap to tweak (e.g. location for weather).

To delete widgets, tap the – icon. Disable Smart Rotate so widgets don't change randomly.

Reordering StandBy Widgets

In edit mode, long press any widget and drag up/down to reorder it. Arranging widgets by priority makes StandBy more useful.

Placing Direct Calls & Messages

Add the Contacts widget to StandBy to enable one-tap calling or messaging. In edit mode: Tap + > Contacts > Add Widget.

Double tap the contacts widget, choose a contact, and enable Show Buttons. Call/message icons will now display.

Using Third-Party Widget Apps

Alongside Apple's widgets, third-party options like iScreen, CPU X Dasher, and Quike Widget work too. Find your favorites and add them to StandBy.

Customizing StandBy Photos

Customizing StandBy Photos
Customizing StandBy Photos

Swipe left from the defaultwidgets to access Photo StandBy. Long press to edit – tap + to add albumsmart display specific shots.

In regular StandBy mode, tap a pic and select View in Photos. Disable certain default albums by tapping the 👁 icon. Remove albums via the – button.

Changing StandBy Clock Styles & Colors

Another left swipe reaches customizable clock faces.

Swipe up/down to shuffle styles. Tap and hold, then the ⚪ icon to open color options. Combine your preferred clock face and color scheme.

Disabling StandBy Notifications

StandBy notifications are enabled by default. To turn off, go to Settings > StandBy and toggle off Show Notifications.

Alternatively, enable Show Preview on Tap Only to hide notification content until tapped.


With those tips, you can tailor StandBy into a personalized smart display to suit your exact preferences.

Add handy widgets and custom photos, tweak clock designs and colors, control notifications – the options are endless!