11 Exciting Changes and Features in Apple Music on iOS 17

Apple has recently rolled out the stable version of iOS 17 for all compatible iPhones. This update brings a host of new features and exciting changes to Apple Music. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply love exploring new updates, here are some of the notable changes and features you can expect in the Apple Music app on iOS 17.

1. Animated Album Art

With iOS 17, Apple Music introduces a delightful new feature – animated album art. Instead of static images, artists can now showcase full-screen animated album art that transitions seamlessly into the player controls in the now-playing section. This visually captivating experience adds an extra layer of connection between artists and their audience.

2. View Song Credits

Curious to know who worked on your favorite song? iOS 17 allows you to view the song credits in the Apple Music app. With just a few taps, you can access a comprehensive list of everyone involved in the creation of the song, including writers, directors, and performing artists.

3. Check Audio Quality

To ensure the best listening experience, Apple Music now lets you check the audio quality of a song. With a simple tap, you can view the audio quality details in the app, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes in the highest audio fidelity possible.

4. Enable Crossfade

Crossfade, a long-awaited feature, has finally arrived in Apple Music. This feature enables a seamless transition between songs, with the current song fading into the beginning of the next one. You can easily enable crossfade in the Settings menu, and even adjust the duration of the transition according to your preference.

5. Bigger Non-Synced Lyrics Fonts

In iOS 17, Apple Music has made non-synced lyrics more accessible by displaying them in bigger fonts. This update makes it easier to read lyrics while listening to songs that don’t have synchronized lyrics available.

6. Optimize Storage

Apple Music’s Optimize Storage feature has been enhanced in iOS 17. This feature intelligently manages your downloaded songs, removing less played tracks to save storage space while keeping your favorite music available for offline listening. The level of optimization can be adjusted based on your iPhone’s total storage capacity.

7. Shazam Integration

With the integration of Shazam, Apple Music now allows you to easily open songs identified using the Shazam app. When a song is identified, a button will appear in the notification pop-up area, tapping which will open the song directly in Apple Music, where you can add it to your playlists.

8. Apple Music Sing Gets Karaoke

Apple Music Sing, previously known for its vocal lowering feature, has been upgraded to a full Karaoke setup on iOS 17. You can now use your iPhone or iPad as a camera for Apple TV 4K, allowing you to perform and cast yourself on the screen. Additionally, new filters have been added to enhance your Karaoke sessions.

9. SharePlay for CarPlay

SharePlay, Apple’s collaborative music listening feature, is now available for CarPlay. Passengers in the car can easily join a SharePlay session by either tapping a notification on their iPhone or scanning a QR code displayed on the CarPlay Now Playing screen or another passenger’s iPhone.

10. Device Icon in Now Playing Control Center

In the Control Center’s now playing section, Apple Music has added a new icon for AirPlay. The icon dynamically changes based on the device you are playing music on, enhancing the visual appeal and making it easier to identify the device you’re connected to.

11. Collaborative Playlist (Coming Soon)

One upcoming feature in iOS 17 is the ability to create collaborative playlists. You’ll be able to share your playlist with friends and family, allowing everyone to add or remove songs and react to the music together. This exciting feature will further enhance the social aspect of enjoying music on Apple Music.

Apple Music has plenty more to offer, including personalized radio stations, curated playlists, offline listening, and music videos. Its seamless integration with Siri, HomePod, and CarPlay makes it a comprehensive music experience. If you’re considering a switch to Apple Music, they even offer a free trial so you can explore all its features. So go ahead and immerse yourself in the world of music with Apple Music on iOS 17!

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