How Many Times Have You Listened to Your Favorite Song on Apple Music?

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in a song, hitting the replay button more times than you can count? We've all been there, wondering just how many times we've listened to our favorite tunes. Well, wonder no more! Apple Music has a feature that allows you to see the exact number of times you've played a song. Let's dive into how you can check your play count on Apple Music.

Check the Number of Times You've Played a Song on Apple Music

The Apple Music app for Windows and macOS offers a simple way to check your play count. To get started, open the Apple Music app and navigate to the “Songs” section. Here, you'll see the number of times you've played each song in the “Plays” section.

Number of played songs in Apple Music

If the “Plays” section is not listed, simply right-click anywhere on the title bar and select “Plays” from the available options.

Number of songs you have played in Apple Music

Check With Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay is a special feature available to Apple Music users. It provides valuable information such as the total hours of music listened to and the top songs based on play count. However, Replay only displays the number of plays for the 15 most played songs throughout the year and is released at the end of the year. On a positive note, it also generates visually appealing templates that you can share on social media for fun.

If you haven't checked out your Apple Music Replay yet, you can read our complete guide on how to find and share your Apple Music Replay.

Reset the Number of Times You've Played a Song on Apple Music

If you're looking to start fresh and reset your play count, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the song and select “Get info” on Mac or “Properties” on Windows.

Get info of a song

  1. In the Details section, click on “Reset” next to play count and then click “OK”.

Reset the number of plays in Apple Music

Check the Last Time You Skipped a Song

Understanding how often you skip songs can help you customize your playlists to focus on the music you love. Here's how you can check your skipped songs:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the title bar and select “Last Skipped” and “Skips”.

Options to show in Apple Music

  1. You can now easily check the date and time of your last skipped song along with the total number of skips.

Last skipped songs and number of skips

After exploring these features, you'll have a better understanding of your musical journey. You can discover your true favorites, remove the ones you tend to skip, and dive deep into your personal musical preferences. So go ahead, embrace the world of music on Apple Music and enjoy your favorite songs to the fullest!