10 Things You Should Know About the Instagram Add Yours Sticker

Instagram has introduced a new feature called the Add Yours sticker, making stories more engaging and interactive. In the past, stories were grouped by hashtags, which made them difficult to find. Now, with the Add Yours sticker, stories will be grouped together, creating a virtual thread or collaborative album. But what exactly is the Add Yours sticker and how can you use it like a pro? Let's find out.

1. What Is the Add Yours Sticker?

The Add Yours sticker is an interactive sticker for Instagram stories that allows users to create chains of stories. When a user adds this sticker to their story, others can contribute their own content to the sticker, creating a thread or album of stories. It can be used to start trends, challenges, campaigns, or share ideas of a similar nature.

2. How to Use the Add Yours Sticker?

You can either add photos to existing threads or create your own thread using the Add Yours sticker.

How to Add a Photo to an Existing Thread

When you come across a story with the Add Yours sticker, simply tap on the “Add Yours” button. This will take you to the story creation screen where you can capture a new photo or upload one from your gallery. The photo will be added to the background with the Add Yours sticker on top. You can then share it with your followers or close friends, just like any regular story.

How to Create Your Own Add Yours Chain

If you want to get creative, you can start your own thread. Here's how:

  1. Create an Instagram story and preview it.
  2. Tap on the stickers icon at the top and choose “Add Yours” from the list.
  3. Type a title or label in the “Write a prompt” field. You can also use the dice icon to get random title ideas.
  4. Post the story.

3. How to See Other People's Add Yours Stories

If you come across a story with the Add Yours sticker, simply tap on the sticker title to see other people's stories in the same album. Similarly, if you want to see stories from people who used your Add Yours sticker, open your story and tap on the sticker title to view the currently live stories in the thread.

4. How to Know Who Started the Thread

To find out who started the Instagram chain story, tap on the Add Yours sticker title in a story. The creator's name will be displayed, and you can tap on it to view their profile.

5. How to Hide the Started by Credit Name

If you're the creator of an Add Yours chain and want to hide your name from showing up next to the “Started by” label, open your story, tap on the Add Yours sticker, and choose “Hide started by Credit” from the menu. You can also use the same menu to turn off response notifications for the sticker.

6. What Happens to the Add Yours Sticker After 24 Hours

Just like regular stories, Add Yours stories last for 24 hours. After that, your original story will be removed from the thread, and stories added by other users will also be removed 24 hours after they were posted. However, the sticker will remain active as long as users continue to add to it.

7. How to Save an Add Yours Story

If you want to save an Add Yours story, add it to your Instagram Highlights. Although it won't show the old stories added to it, you can start a new thread using the same story in the future.

8. Can There Be Multiple Prompts or Titles?

Yes, the Add Yours sticker titles don't have to be unique. You may find multiple stickers with the same or similar titles. However, using uncommon and intriguing titles can lead to better results.

9. Who Can See Stories Added to the Add Yours Thread?

The privacy of the Add Yours sticker works as follows:

  • If you have a public account, the stories added to the thread are also public. Anyone who opens the thread, including your followers and others, can view your story.
  • If you have a private Instagram account, you can participate in the Add Yours sticker, but only your followers will see your story, and it will not appear in the main thread.
  • Stories shared with Close Friends will be visible to them only.

10. How to Find Add Yours Stories on Instagram

Currently, there is no search feature to find Add Yours stories directly. However, if you search for “Add Yours” in the Instagram search, you will find profiles with the same or similar names. Tap on one of them and check their Highlights to find many Add Yours sticker ideas.

Remember, the Add Yours sticker on Instagram Stories is a great way to gain followers and showcase your creative talent. However, be cautious, especially if you have a public account, and avoid adding personal pictures or videos. For more awesome Instagram story ideas, check out our guide on creating captivating stories.