10.8-Inch Chuwi MiniBook X Announced With Punch-Hole Display

After the success Chuwi has had with the pocket laptop Chuwi Minibook as well as their larger siblings, Chuwi has decided to launch a different model called Chuwi MiniBook X.

As you can see just by looking at it, the Chuwi Minibook X is different. This is a 10.8-inch convertible laptop or notebook, with a revolving 2K touchscreen with tablet mode and tent mode, digitizer support, and of course a punch-hole display.

The punch-hole camera in the top left corner made it possible to make the bezels extremely thin, with an amazing screen-to-body ratio. But there's a lot of people who break out in hives as soon as they her mention of a punch-hole, so a lot of people will for sure dislike this solution too.

Chuwi MiniBook X
Chuwi MiniBook X

Also, the camera is just a regular 5MP camera too.

Moving on to the other specs, the Chuwi Minibook X is powered by a Intel Celeron N5100 processor, with 12GB of LPDdr4x RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage.

Chuwi started teasing this small laptop today and isn't ready to reveal all the specs yet, but could share that it also has 45W PD 2.0 fast charge, and that they expect to launch it for $599 when it gets finalized in 2022.

MiniBook X

– Tom Bowen