10.2-Inch Google Pixel C Tablet Rumored To Replace Nexus 10

(UPDATED, September 29: Google Pixel C tablet announced)
Android Police was tipped today about a new 10-inch Google tablet called Google Pixel C 10.2. Bertel King Jr. of Android Police cautioned that this was the first leak on the new Google tablet so far, but said the source is reliable and gave the rumor a 8 out of 10 probability score.

Understandably, the first leak doesn't have all the probable specs yet, but so far the specs include a 10.2-inch Android 6.0 tablet with 308 ppi resolution and a maximum 500 nits brightness, which is higher than average.

The processor is a Nvidia X1 processor with a Maxwell GPU, and it is said to bring along 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM too. And of course, it will have USB type C charger.

To fit into the exclusive Google Pixel family, it has two keyboards, where one is wrapped in leather and the other one in aluminium. The rear color bar is said to glow as a battery indicator.

Android Police says we should anticipate a launch of the new Google Pixel C tablet in November already.

If that's true then it will coincide with the three year anniversary of the first 10.1-inch Google Nexus 10, a tablet that was launched late in October 2012. And despite being three years old, it still has Android 5.1, a 2560 x 1600 resolution display, dual-band Wi-Fi, and NFC.

So with that in mind, we are looking forward to seeing what, if any, tablet goodies Google may have in store for us this year. The last new Google tablet was the HTC built Nexus 9. But the new Google Pixel C Android 6.0 Marshmallow tablet is said to diverge from the astro themed Nexus name of their previous tablets to the more computer themed Pixel name this time.

Google Pixel bar
Google Pixel bar

– Jim Miller