Rollout Of Windows 10 Creators Update Starts Globally On April 11

Microsoft announced today that the free Windows 10 Creators Update will start to roll out globally on April 11.

The Windows 10 Creators Update was unveiled at the October 26 Microsoft event, and have been undergoing testing and previews ever since then.

The Creators Update is mainly focused around a few key areas. The first one is improving and adding to 3D user experiences both in gaming, personal creations, and VR uses. The Paint program that has been around onthe Windows OS for ages will become Paint 3D from now on, so people can easily create 3D illustrations or representations. And these can be printed on a 3D printer too or shared with others.

Additional 3D features and VR features will be added later this year, and cheap VR gear is coming from Microsoft partners such as Acer, Lenovo, Asus, and Oculus. Along with more easily accessible, sort of “Amazon Fire” type of customer service, as well as messaging services.

Secondly it offers improvements on the security side with new security features and privacy features, as well as a more intuitive overview of these controls through the dashboard of the new Windows Defender Security Center.

The Windows 10 Creators Update will also add a few new features to the Edge browser from new ways of organizing tabs, to lower power consumption, which is claimed to increase battery life on tablets and computers quite a bit.

A blue light filter called Night Lite is also included with the update, with good controls of it too. Another feature is the Mini View that lets users keep an app/window open on top of theoretically anything else that may be running.

And among some of the gaming and Xbox features, is the Xbox Play anywhere feature that will now let bought Xbox games be played on Windows 10 tablets and computers too.

– Tom Bowen

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