Xiaomi Windows 10 Tablet Rumor Starts Again

The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi have only launched one tablet so far, with the very success full Xiaomi MiPad, a 7.9-inch Android tablet with a low price and high specs that was unveiled in May 2014.

Since then there have been occasional build ups of rumors over another new Xiaomi tablets, both Android and Windows tablets. Some have even been spotted in benchmark tests since October 2014, bearing the Xiaomi brand. But they still never materialized.

Now once again, there's been a build up around a new rumor for a Windows 10 Xiaomi tablet, after self-styled analyst Pan Jiutang commented on a picture posted to Weibo by Joel Belfiore, VP of operating systems at Microsoft.

That's a possible tip, but the leaks we have had up to now have always been quite weak, even if alleged pictures have been posted many months ago.

The idea of a Xiaomi Windows 10 tablet is very plausible though, so it is likely to happen. Microsoft is also collaborating with Xiaomi, which was what Jiutang used as an opportunity to comment on as well, when Belfiore posted a picture of running Windows 10 Mobile OS on his Xiaomi Mi4 phone with Windows flashed onto it. Belfiore was merely commenting on how smooth Windows was running on his 3GB RAM phone, and that the rollout of the software would start soon for selected fans.

If the tablet is real, then hopefully we will see some specs leak soon. If it's a Xiaomi, it should be good.

Windows 10 Mobile on Xiaomi Mi4
Windows 10 Mobile on Xiaomi Mi4

– Jim Miller