Interesting Keyboard For Xiaomi Pad 6 Leaked With NFC Plate

One of the specialists on Xiaomi has leaked some novel findings on a keyboard for what seems like the rumored Xiaomi Pad 6.

Kacper Skrzypek has shared some images of the Xiaomi Pad 6 keyboard in both black and white, and it shows two upgrades over the keyboard for the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablets.

The first new feature is the addition of a trackpad, which was absent from the ultra portable keyboard that belongs to the Xiaomi Pad 5.

And the new keyboard has already been demonstrated by Skrzypek to feature gesture support too.

But obviously the feature that stands out the most here is the NFC plate on the right side of the trackpad.

According to the code investigated by Skrzypek, the NFC chip is there to facilitate immediate and speedy mirroring or file transfer options, between a smartphone and the Xiaomi Pad 6.

This could be interesting actually, if the execution of it is very simple and quick. So let's see if it has any additional purposes too.

– Jim Miller