xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Measures Size Of Boxes On Windows Tablets

MobileDemand has updated the xDIM Mobile Dimensioning app this week, which is an app for Windows tablets that uses Intel RealSense cameras to measure the size of boxes.

Once the measures of a box has been calculated, the app can then be used to add other information for that particular box, making it very useful for anyone in logistics who needs to maximize space when shipping lots of boxes.

The workable distance between a box and the tablet is 7-8 feet with the new version of the app, and it can measure objects from 3 inches to up to the size of refrigerators and furniture.

Box Measure App Windows Tablets

The app recognizes that all measurements are approximate no matter how good they are, and as such, their accuracy rate are described in percent too.

Of course, if you own an iPad you already have something similar in the Measurement app, where in addition to a ruler and level, you also have the opportunity to measure either the square or the cubic size of some objects. The accuracy of that app is a little different since most iPads are not fitted with 3D cameras yet, apart from the iPad Pros who have LiDAR scanner.

– Jim Miller