Wireless Computer Hamsters In Store – Because A Wireless Mouse Is So 2019

Logitech had a April Fool's joke last year where they claimed they were going to adhere to an online petition that had asked people to rename a wireless computer mose to hamster, since mice has tails and hamsters have almost none. Well, now you actually can get a wireless computer hamster through the Akko Waiguacp:

The Akko Waiguacp is what we would traditionally call a wireless Bluetooth mouse that's connected to a tiny USB dongle that plug into your computer. But it is of course a computer hamster.

And the Akko Waiguacp computer hamster has a mohawk for scrolling wheel, and left and right buttons located on the left and right ears. The sensitivity is 4000DPI.

This computer hamster is also available in both a traditional hamster color, as well as grey, pink, blue, purple, green, and white.

– Tom Bowen