Windows 10 S To Become A Mode In Future Windows Updates

In case you missed it, Microsoft's Windows chief Joel Belfiore announced this week that the Windows 10 S will soon be introduced as a mode in future updates of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro, in a move that Microsoft believes will help adaptation and also ease the stress and confusion around Windows 10 S.

Windows 10 S limits the amount of software or apps you can run, since only apps verified by Microsoft that are available in Microsoft Store can be installed. Microsoft tries to sell this as a security feature, which is partially understandable.

Microsoft may underestimate who their most loyal users are though, those who have used Windows because of the flexibility it offers on many fronts, with the ability to create and share. The imitation game played by Microsoft where they once again try to imitate Apple and Google, and to some extent Amazon, could end up hurting them (once again) instead of helping them.

A friend of mine who used to work with Windows phones at Nokia, told me recently that a few former Nokia executives had proposed the idea that if Nokia had not been bought by Microsoft, Windows 10 Mobile or some later evolved Windows on smartphones version would have had an equal position to something between Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Their idea is radical to say the least, that Microsoft was the cause of the downfall of its own OS on mobile. Fortunately for Microsoft they still dominate among desktop OS, so they still have some margin for error on desktop OS, even if Windows is losing market shares every quarter.

– Jim Miller