Windows 10 Chief Joe Belfiore Says Development Of Windows 10 Mobile Is No Focus

Windows 10 chief Joe Belfiore have been unusually talkative about Windows 10 Mobile today, the Windows 10 version for smartphones. But even so he has mainly said what is already known, although he did add some more reasoning on Twitter today too.

When asked if it was time for a user to leave W10M, Belfiore answered that it depends on who you are, since many companies still deploy WP10 phones to their empolyees, and that Microsoft will continue to support WP10, before he added that he had changed smartphone platform himself.

When elaborating upon continued support for WP10, he added that Microsoft will continue to roll out security and bug updates, but there won’t be a focus on developing new features.

That’s generally true, apart from in the business/enterprise sector, where there is still development of new features on Windows 10 Mobile from time to time.

But perhaps the most frank revelation was when he explained that: “We have tried VERY HARD to incent app devs. Paid money.. wrote apps 4 them.. but volume of users is too low for most companies to invest

So what happens now? What Microsoft have been focusing on in the smarhone space instead has been integration of Microsoft services on the iOS and Android platform. Just 4 days ago, Microsoft announced that they are working on the Edge browser for both iOS and Android. But that’s just the most recent example.

On the hardware side and other side of the ecosystem, some form of Windows smartphone OS may be reborn in 2018, but not as the alleged and anticipated Surface Phone.

– Jim Miller

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