Will FaceTime Ring if Blocked?

FaceTime makes it easy to video chat with friends and family. But what if someone suddenly stops answering your FaceTime calls? They may have blocked you.

This guide explains how to confirm if someone blocked you on FaceTime. Learn what happens when you call a blocked number and ways to communicate when FaceTime is not an option.

Signs Someone Blocked You on FaceTime

Here are the clearest signs that indicate a user blocked you on FaceTime:

  1. Calling them makes FaceTime ring endlessly with no answer.
  2. They never seem to be available or miss every call.
  3. Your FaceTime calls go straight to voicemail every time.
  4. Texts and iMessages show as delivered but never get responses.
  5. Using another device to FaceTime them goes through normally.
  6. You get an “Unavailable” message right after one or two rings.

If you see these patterns, a block is likely the reason for failed FaceTime connections.

What Happens When You Call a Blocked Number

What Happens When You Call a Blocked Number
What Happens When You Call a Blocked Number

When you FaceTime a number that blocked you, here is what you can expect:

  1. The call rings continuously with no answer or end.
  2. It keeps ringing until you hang up the call.
  3. The blocked user sees no incoming call or notification of your attempt.
  4. On your end, it rings as if calling normally without any indications of being blocked.
  5. Calls always go to voicemail since they are rejected before connecting.

So from your side, it will seem like typical call behavior as if they just aren’t answering. But the endless ringing means you’ve been blocked.

Can You FaceTime Someone Who Blocked You?

No, you cannot successfully FaceTime someone who already blocked your number or Apple ID, even if it seems to ring normally on your end.

The call will never connect or go through. The block prevents any FaceTime communication from occurring.

Analyzing FaceTime Blocking Behaviors

Track these FaceTime behaviors over time to determine if blocking occurred:

  1. Call multiple times on different days and note if the endless ringing keeps happening.
  2. Try calling from another Apple device using your same account to test if rings or goes through.
  3. Ask a friend to FaceTime the person to check if it rings normally for them.
  4. Note if regular phone calls also go straight to voicemail now instead of ringing.
  5. Check if your iMessages have stopped showing “Delivered” statuses.

Comparing these patterns will confirm if you alone are being blocked from FaceTime and other communication.

When FaceTime Says “Unavailable” After Ringing

If FaceTime says “Unavailable” after ringing once or twice, here is what it likely means:

  1. The person declined or ignored your FaceTime call.
  2. Their phone is turned off, dead battery, or in Airplane mode.
  3. They have no internet connection or are out of range of WiFi or cellular.
  4. They restarted their device recently before you called.
  5. FaceTime is disabled on their end or needs updating.

The call connected briefly before becoming unavailable, so this is different than being blocked where calls won’t connect at all.

When FaceTime Says "Unavailable" After Ringing
When FaceTime Says “Unavailable” After Ringing

Determining If You’re Completely Blocked

To test if you’re blocked from all communication methods, not just FaceTime:

  1. Try calling them normally through the Phone app. See if it goes straight to voicemail.
  2. Send a test iMessage and check if it says “Delivered.” If not, they blocked you.
  3. Email them to see if you get a response. No reply indicates you’re fully blocked.
  4. Check social media accounts to see if they deleted or blocked you there too.
  5. Ask a mutual friend to call or message them to compare results.

This reveals if the block extends beyond just FaceTime itself.

Steps to Take If You’re Blocked on FaceTime

If you confirm someone blocked your FaceTime calls, here is what to do next:

  1. Don’t continue calling or messaging them. Respect their block.
  2. Use another communication method if you must contact them. Some options are covered next.
  3. Reflect on what may have prompted them to block you and learn from it.
  4. Accept that the relationship or friendship needs space for now. Give them time.
  5. Apologize and ask to be unblocked if your actions caused the block.

Having some self-awareness helps respond to a FaceTime block maturely.

Other Ways to Contact When FaceTime is Blocked

If FaceTime is blocked, use these alternative communication options:

  1. Phone Call – Blocks usually only affect FaceTime. Try a normal phone call.
  2. SMS Text Message – Send a text message instead to check if iMessage is also blocked.
  3. WhatsApp – Third-party apps like WhatsApp have their block lists separate from FaceTime.
  4. Facebook Messenger – Like WhatsApp, Messenger has its independent block capabilities.
  5. Email – Send an email if you’re fully blocked on iPhone communication apps.
  6. Mutual Friends – Ask common friends to help pass along important messages.
  7. Social media – Some blocking allows interaction through comments or posts.

Prevent Making Others Block You on FaceTime

To avoid people needing to block you on FaceTime, be aware of common courtesies:

  1. Don’t call repeatedly if they don’t answer. Leave them be.
  2. Respect normal daytime hours for calling unless prearranged.
  3. Ask if it’s a good time to talk before Face Timing.
  4. End the call promptly if they need to go. Don’t overstay your welcome.
  5. Don’t overwhelm them with too many calls and messages daily.
  6. If requests to talk are rejected often, give them space. Don’t take it personally.

Summary of Determining FaceTime Blocks

  1. Endless ringing means you’re blocked from connecting on FaceTime.
  2. “Unavailable” after 1 or 2 rings indicates a different issue like Do Not Disturb enabled.
  3. Test calls from other devices or numbers to confirm the block.
  4. Check if phone calls and messages also fail when determining a full block.
  5. Use alternative communication options if you’re blocked on FaceTime and iMessage.
  6. Avoid bombarding people on FaceTime or crossing personal boundaries.

With the information in this guide, you can definitively determine if someone blocked your FaceTime calls. Be respectful if you’re blocked and find other responsible methods to communicate when needed.

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