Why Does My iPad Keep Freezing?

A frozen or unresponsive iPad can be extremely frustrating. You touch the screen but nothing happens, apps won't open, and you can't even turn it off.

Don't panic – there are a few things you can try to get your 5th generation iPad Air back up and running if it freezes.

This guide will walk through 6 troubleshooting fixes, from the simplest solutions to more complex options.

1. Force Restart the iPad

The easiest first step is to force restart your iPad, which forcibly turns it off and back on again.

Why Does My iPad Keep Freezing?
Why Does My iPad Keep Freezing?

– For iPad Air 5: Quickly tap Volume Up, then Volume Down, then press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo appear.

This refresh often fixes minor software glitches causing freezes and should be step one.

2. Charge the Device

An iPad with a battery charge below 10-15% may become unresponsive. Plug your iPad into a charger for an hour, even if the screen is frozen, to give it adequate charge. Then try powering it back on.

3. Close All Apps

Too many apps running can overload the iPad’s memory and cause freezes. Double click Home to show open apps, swipe each one upwards to close it, then try restarting your iPad. This clears the memory and gives apps a fresh start.

4. Check Available Storage

An iPad low on storage space may have performance issues. Go to Settings > General > iPad Storage and delete unused apps, photos, videos, and other data to free up space for smooth functioning.

5. Update Software

Outdated iPadOS can also cause problems. Go to Settings > General> Software Update and install any available updates for the latest bug fixes and optimizations.

6. Reset All Settings

If other fixes don't resolve the frozen iPad, try resetting to factory default settings as a last resort before data loss solutions. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap “Reset All Settings.”

Why Does My iPad Keep Freezing?
Why Does My iPad Keep Freezing?

Enter your passcode and confirm the reset. Your data will remain intact but any customized settings will return to default.

Additional Fixes If Needed

If your iPad remains frozen or unresponsive after trying the above fixes, two additional options that may fix it but result in data loss include:

– Restore with iTunes: Connect the iPad to a computer and restore it to factory settings through iTunes. This wipes all content and settings from your device.

– Take to Apple Store: Apple technicians have proprietary tools to diagnose hardware-related freezes. If software resets don’t help, it likely requires in-store servicing.

Best Practices to Prevent Freezing Issues

To prevent iPad freezing in the future:

– Install regular iOS updates to avoid software bugs
– Don't overwhelm the device by multitasking many intensive apps
– Only install reliable, safe apps from the App Store
– Maintain adequate storage space on your device
– Avoid exposing iPad to excessive heat or cold temperatures
– Use Apple-certified accessories for guaranteed compatibility

Why Does My iPad Keep Freezing?
Why Does My iPad Keep Freezing?

An occasional freeze is normal but frequent iPad freezes likely indicate an underlying issue. Following these best practices will help minimize stability problems over your device's lifespan.


Freezing is frustrating but typically fixable through a force restart, closing apps, freeing storage space, software updates, or resetting iPad to default.

If issues continue despite troubleshooting, involve Apple support to determine if hardware repair or replacement is warranted. Implementing preventative measures also promotes smooth operability long-term.