Why Can’t I Unsend a Message on iMessage iOS 16?

Many users have encountered the problem of not being able to cancel sending messages on iMessage iPhone? How to fix editing or unsending messages not working on iOS 16? In this article, we will learn the reasons and solutions to fix it.

Why Can't I Unsend a Message on iMessage iOS 16?

Actually, only iOS 16 or later supports the edit/unsend message feature; the recipient's device must also support iOS 16 or above. The receiver receives a fresh message with your revised text if their device is running iOS 15.6 or earlier.

Besides, t is ineffective if you exceed the designated time and window. Fewer people are aware that it only functions with iMessage and does not support Message. Moreover, unreliable networks or iOS system bugs may result in the inability to use the editing tool or unsend iMessages.

Furthermore, that's a result of the precise moment and opportunity that Apple established. Messages can only be edited once per five minutes, and users can only withdraw them after two minutes and edit them after fifteen minutes.

If you have altered a message more than five times, you are not allowed to change it again.

Reasons and Fixes: Edit/Unsend Messages Not Working iOS 16

Reasons and Fixes EditUnsend Messages Not Working iOS 16
Reasons and Fixes EditUnsend Messages Not Working iOS 16

Update to iOS 16 on Recipient's iPhone

Since iOS 16 and beyond are the only versions of iOS that support this capability, iOS 15.7 or older iPhones do not function when the recipient uses it.

The original message will show up in your iMessage app if you decide to unsend a message from the discussion, but you will be notified that the recipients will still see the message that you removed.

Inquire as to whether the person telling you they can still see the unsent message updated their iPhone to iOS 16 or later. If so, it's possible that you are not the cause of the issue.

Restart iMessages App

Restarting is sometimes a helpful way to freshen things in case they aren't functioning properly.

Swipe up to restart iMessages and exit the app if you are unable to modify or reverse send messages. And then give your iPhone another restart. Then, to utilize it once more, tap the iMessage app icon.

Check Apple System Status

One possible explanation for the inability to send messages on iOS 16 is a possible outage of the iMessages service on the Apple server. Visit Apple's system status page to see if this is the case.

How to Edit and Unsend Messages on iOS 16?

How to Edit and Unsend Messages on iOS 16?
How to Edit and Unsend Messages on iOS 16?

To Unsend a message

To undo send, touch and hold the message bubble and then tap it.

A recently sent communication can be revoked up to two minutes after it was sent.

Both your and the recipient's conversation transcripts have a note attesting to your unsending the message.

Unsending a message erases it from the recipient's device if they are using iOS 16 or later, iPadOS 16 or later, or macOS Ventura.

To Edit a sent message

Within 15 minutes of sending a message, you have the ability to change it five times.

  1. Choose the conversation containing the message you wish to update from Messages.
  2. Holding down the message bubble with your finger, tap Edit.
  3. After making any changes, click the Accept Changes or Cancel buttons to send the message again with the modifications made.

Note: The discussion transcript indicates that the communication has been edited.

The message box updates to reflect your revisions on the device of the person you are chatting, and you can both touch Edited to view prior versions of your message if they are running macOS Ventura, iPadOS 16 or later, or iOS 16 or later.

Issues like editing or unsending messages not working on iOS 16 are common. We hope you got your answer in this article and how to get “Edit” and “Undo Send” features working again.