WhatsApp Payment: Sending Money Made Easy

I never thought that sending and receiving money would become as easy as text messages. WhatsApp is rolling out its UPI-based payment system, and I was excited to try it out. This feature is currently available in India and will soon be introduced in other countries. Let’s explore how you can use WhatsApp Payments to send money hassle-free.

How to Send Money Through WhatsApp

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp and open a chat with the person you want to send money to. Tap on the attachment button and select “Payment” with the INR currency symbol.

Step 2: Read and accept the terms and privacy policy.

Step 3: Verify your WhatsApp mobile number. For iPhone users, send the code manually. For Android users, an OTP will be auto-detected.

Step 4: Select your bank account from the list.

Step 5: Verify your bank account by entering your debit card number.

Once verified, you can start sending money through WhatsApp Payments. Enter the amount and a custom note, and enter the UPI PIN that you created earlier. Finally, send the money by tapping the paper airplane button.

How to Get WhatsApp Payment

WhatsApp Payments is currently on an invite basis. However, you can get it by asking a friend who already has the feature enabled to send you money through WhatsApp Payments. After receiving the pop-up notification, go to WhatsApp Settings, tap on the payment option, and accept the terms and conditions.

Missing Features

While WhatsApp Payments is convenient, there are a few missing features. For instance, you cannot make payments via QR code, send money to other e-wallets or apps, or use it for shopping. Additionally, WhatsApp Payments currently only works on mobile devices, and you can only send money to individuals, not groups.

Wrapping Up: WhatsApp Payment via UPI

WhatsApp Payments is fast, secure, and easy to use. It allows you to send money instantly and accept small amounts, making it suitable for various transactions. You can manage your bank accounts and view transaction history in the Settings section of WhatsApp Payments.

With the continuous advancements in technology, sending money has become as simple as sending a text message. WhatsApp Payments is just one example of how digital platforms are revolutionizing the way we handle financial transactions. Try out this feature and experience the convenience it offers.

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