The First Official Vivo Pad Images Released Today

Vivo started teasing their first tablet, the Vivo Pad today, by releasing a few teaser images while still withholding the official specs for now.

Fortunately the Vivo Pad has been seen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor already, as well 8MP and 13MP cameras, and a 8040 mAh battery, and it's expected to be around 11 inches in size.

We also get a confirmation from the images that it comes with an interesting looking digitizer pen and an optional keyboard. And the keyboard has English keys and a trackpad.

Vivo Pad
Vivo Pad

And while the design is reminiscent of an iPad Air, the Vivo Pad seems to feature quad speakers.

The rear lens module has a very different look than what we are used to on any tablet either today or before. But at least you'll easily recognize the Vivo Pad by its looks.

Still no word on the launch date yet, but based on todays teaser images, it should not be too long a wait.

– Tom Bowen