Vivo Pad Air Leaks – Vivo’s Third Tablet In The Works

Vivo is en route to launch its third tablet, after the first leak popped up on the Google Play console of compatible Android devices, as spotted by MySmartPrice.

The tablet is named Vivo Pad Air, with model number PA2353.

Since this is only the first leak, nothing else is known about the tablet yet, other than what we can assume from the Vivo Pad Air name. A tablet like that should have pretty decent specs, while also being light, and feature both an optional keyboard and digitizer.

Vivo Pad Air
Vivo Pad Air

But that's hardly new to Vivo, since both the 11-inch Vivo Pad and the 12.1-inch Vivo Pad 2 are both well equipped tablets at a relatively low weight.

But the fact that Vivo is keeping their tablets classy with high specs is something to admire, so the third Vivo tablet should be good too.

And just maybe this Vivo tablet will finally launch in the US as well along with some of their smartphones, since Vivo has a few good smartphones, like the one used for the photo seen here.

– Tom Bowen