Valentine’s Day Means Another Surface Pro Sale With Tablet + Keyboard Cover For $699

What's good about some of the few seasonal events throughout the year is that regardless of whether or not you celebrate them in any way, they often become opportunities to buy some popular items on sale. And with the Valentine's Day sale on Amazon's Fire tablets, Microsoft doesn't want to do any worse, and have started their own Valentine's Day sale in Microsoft Store, with their best offer being a $229 discount on the latest Surface Pro models:

So with the February sale on Surface Pro, the price starts at $699 with the Type Cover keyboard bundled in.

Surface Pro Sale February 2018 Valentine's Day

This price is for the Intel Core m3 model, but similar discounts apply to the Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 models.

Microsoft Store have many other hardware items on sale for Valentine's Day too, including a few bundles on some of their Surface computers, but nothing that really stands out.

The Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker with Cortana is cut by 50%, but that might be because the Cortana smart speakers is losing ground at the moment.

There's a few laptops on sale too, but again mostly just minor savings with just $100 off the regular prices.

– Tom Bowen