Upcoming Pad Pro To Be 5.9mm Thick

The intensity of iPad Pro leaks is becoming more and more frequent these days, which in itself is usually a good indicator of us drawing closer to the launch of these new devices. Which could happen by the end of October. So don't go buying a new iPad Pro before then.

The last possible leak came out yesterday, and while it came from a short lived Twitter account, at least it's from someone with a good track record so far.

According to CoinCoin, at least one of the new iPad Pros will be just 5.9mm thick, and they won't be featuring a headphone jack.

It has been rumored though that Apple could introduce a USB C port on these iPads, which is nothing short of revolutionary almost for a mobile Apple product.

A USB C port needs just 2.6mm of height, so there's still room for a USB C port, even if the smallest iPad Pro might be just 5.9mm thick. Apple has never produced an iPad slimmer than 6.1mm, though this is still very, very impressive in my book.

Apple's lightning connector is evne slimmer than a USB C port, but it looks like there will be some time yet before we have to worry about the size of these ports standing in the way of reduced thickness.

The thinnest tablets made to date, are the very impressive 5.6mm thick New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and that tablet still has the space for a headphone jack.

The World's Thinnest Tablet Computer
Still The World's Thinnest Tablet Computer

– Tom Bowen