Unannounced Dual-Screen Lenovo Yoga Possible Book 3 In The Works For 2021 Launch

A new Lenovo Yoga Book 3 or some very closely related dual-screen notebook is in the works thanks to a leak from reliable leaker Walking Cat.

A video leaks shows a dual-screen Lenovo Yoga notebook operating in a lot of the same manner as the upcoming Surface Duo.

Lenovo already has a second generation dual-screen notebook on the market with the Lenovo Yoga Book C930.

Acer also had a dual-screen notebook on the market as early as 2011, with the 14-inch Acer Iconia 6120.

From the product description in the video, this unannounced new dual-screen Lenovo Yoga is said to be in the works with a possible launch in early 2021, and that it may feature a position sliding physical keyboard.

We can also see that there’s a pen in use with this new dual-screen Lenovo Yoga computer.

– Tom Bowen