Translucent OLED Touchscreen Smart Thermostat GLAS Launch On August 24

The somewhat unknown but still popular by reputation translucent OLED touchscreen smart thermostat Glas will be launched the coming Friday, August 24 for $319:

The Glas smart thermostat by Johnson Controls has more than just a modern design. The features are there too and it's compatible with Windows, Fire OS, and Android smart systems, meaning Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

GLAS monitors indoor air quality by measuring anything from temperature and humidity, to volatile organic compounds and eCO2, while it measures pollen, air quality, and UV radiation outside too. All of this can be synchronized to control and adjust smart ventilation, smart circulation, and fan options.

This in turn makes it a smart thermostat too, as it can adjust smart energy consumption devices or send signals to users tablets, phones, computers, or smart hubs about recommended optimal ventilation and heating settings, based on a users locally generated data in combination with updated live area data provided by Johnson Controls over Wi-Fi.

– Jim Miller