Trade-In Value In The UK Towards Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Officially Listed – And Tab S8 Accessories Starts Leaking

We're an estimated two months away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 trio, but that hasn't stopped Samsung UK from publicizing a couple of lists of the trade-in value of other tablets towards one of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets.

The lists have appeared on their website over the weekend, and so far only shows the trade-in value towards tablets and other Samsung products in the UK.

What's strange though is that this trade-in value is stated to be eligible only through December, even though the tablets aren't estimated to launch before February 2022. So this list may be a double glitch.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Trade In Value The UK

We have already mentioned the prices before, so they shouldn't really be any surprise by now anyway.

On a similar note, we're also seeing third party tablet outfitters start to get their Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 accessories leaked, such as some of the cases.

I noticed that Urban Armor has an Urban Armor Gear UAG Samsung Tab S8 Ultra 14.6 Metropolis case with a rear kickstand, which is obviously very practical considering the size of this upcoming Samsung tablet. It's listed at 59 Euros before VAT.

– Tom Bowen