Samsung Offers Trade-In On Tablets With Cracked Screen

I haven't seen this before:

Samsung has offered trade-in on older tablet computers for years, but starting now they are offering instant cracked screen trade-in credit, of up to $123 towards a new Samsung tablet.

That sure makes me eligible. But simply having an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet with a broken display isn't the only requirement.

Samsung's eligibility requirements states that the trade-in tablet must still be able to turn on normally, be able to charge and transfer data, and both cameras must work too.

Full details for the cracked screen policies can be found in part 6 of Samsung's tablet trade-in program terms.

Trade In Tablet With Broken Screen
Ooops, the tablet screen got cracked

But this means it's possible to get a new Samsung tablet for under $100 right now.

So how did one of my own tablets seen in the photo end up with a cracked screen?

Well the larger the display the more vulnerable it is, and in my case it was actually the hinge to the keyboard that was stuck and wouldn't move with the tablet one time, which created just too much pressure on the bezels in the end.

Of course, as long as a tablet is still working, it's possible to replace just the screen too, either on your own with a lot of time and patience, or deliver it in and get it done by professionals.

– Tom Bowen