Touchless Gesture Support From Xiaomi In The Works

Will one of the known upcoming Xiaomi tablets feature remote touchless gesture support?

We’ll have to wait and see, but at least Xiaomi follower Kacper Skrzypek has dug up information, revealing that Xiaomi will add touchless gesture support to one of their upcoming devices, and it may be one of their tablets.

He has also specified some of the specific gestures that will be supported, such as media player controls, call answering, turning pages, automatic screen locking when walking away from the device and waking up when getting close again.

There are already consumer tablets with posture alert intended for children, so it’s been just a matter of time before this would extend into a wider range of features of this kind.

We can almost imagine a Kinect type of motion sensor from Xiaomi’s first device with these features, only that Xiaomi seems to use a range imaging ToF camera instead.

– Tom Bowen

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