10 Best 2024 Mac Productivity Apps

10 Best 2024 Mac Productivity Apps

As a marketer by day and business development specialist by night, I use many tools to manage my time, track tasks, stay creative, communicate, automate tasks, and stay organized.

I was concerned if my usual productivity apps, especially the ones that need downloads, would work well on a new Mac. They all did, and my productivity increased.

In this piece, I’m sharing the 10 best productivity apps for Mac, highlighting their features and benefits.

What Are the Uses of Productivity Apps?

Productivity apps help you work better and faster, saving your mental energy. They aim to make you more focused and productive at any given time.

Research shows that productivity tools greatly improve employee performance. Users of these tools feel more relaxed and achieve better results.

In short, productivity apps assist with managing tasks, organizing calendars, taking notes, collaborating with teams, and tracking time. Project management tools are an example of these apps. They allow you to organize tasks into boards, lists, and cards, which is very useful for staying on track.

Best Mac Apps for Boosting Productivity

1. Todoist


Todoist is an app for managing tasks and projects. It allows you to make to-do lists, prioritize tasks, set deadlines and Collaborate with others.

It works on browsers, desktops, and mobile apps. Todoist organizes your projects with recurring tasks, labels, sub-tasks, and filters.

Key Features

  • Simple task entry.
  • Repeat due dates.
  • Timely reminders.

2. Harvest


Harvest is a time-tracking and invoicing software that manages time and expenses. It helps track productivity, analyze project costs, and simplify billing.

It also generates detailed reports to assess project progress and performance.

Key Features

  • Logging hours, projects, and tasks using visual reports.
  • Handling invoices, expenses, and billable items.
  • Connecting with well-known tools such as Asana, Slack, PayPal, and more.
  • Sending automatic reminders and notifications for regularity.

3. Monday.com


Monday is a project management tool for handling tasks, boosting collaboration, and increasing productivity. It helps product, design, and R&D teams work better with agile workflows.

Key Features

  • Clean interface with simple navigation.
  • Customizable workflows.
  • It offers useful advice and automates tasks.

4. Trello


Trello is a project management tool designed for small teams. It organizes tasks and projects using boards, lists, and cards. As tasks advance, you can easily move cards b/w lists. 

The best value for money. Free for your entire team with limited features.

Key Features

  • Organizing projects and tasks on Kanban-style boards.
  • Visualizing project timelines to track sprints and goals.
  • Planning and scheduling tasks with a calendar view.
  • Displaying location-based data on an interactive map.

5. Grammarly


Grammarly is my preferred tool for detecting errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, plagiarism, and clarity.

The app's best feature is its immediate suggestions and corrections while you type.

Key Features

  • Checks for grammar and spelling.
  • Checks for punctuation, including commas, periods, quotation marks, and semicolons.
  • Suggestions to improve style for better clarity.
  • Feedback on sentence structure and readability.

6. Marinara Pomodoro Assistant

Marinara Pomodoro Assistant

I use the Marinara: Pomodoro Assistant Chrome extension on my Mac to easily apply the Pomodoro technique.

This app divides tasks into sessions, usually lasting 25 minutes each, with short breaks in between.

I love this method for boosting my productivity when I find it hard to concentrate and finish tasks. It quickly switches on my focus mode, and I become so absorbed that nothing can distract me.

Key Features

  • Track progress for daily, weekly, or custom periods.
  • Adjust work interval duration.
  • Set different break durations.
  • Enable auto-start for the next timer and use global hotkeys.

7. Evernote


Evernote is an app for taking and organizing all types of notes. Use it to jot down ideas, save web pages, or record audio notes. It works on devices like your phone and laptop, so you can access your notes anywhere.

Key Features

  • Create and access notes quickly on any device.
  • Add content from various apps.
  • Record and store audio notes.

8. Slack


Slack is a well-known messaging platform for team and organization communication. 

It facilitates file sharing, works with Google Analytics (among others), and sorts conversations into channels. Slack's goal is to simplify communication and cut down on email usage.

Key Features

  • Quick messaging for instant chats.
  • Connects with over 2,600 apps including Google Calendar, Jira, Google Drive, HubSpot, and others.
  • Voice and video calling.
  • Sharing and storing documents.

9. Monosnap


Monosnap is used for taking, editing, and sharing annotated screenshots with the option to blur sensitive information.

Key Features

  • Screencast recording with highlight options.
  • Annotate screenshots with pens, text, arrows, and shapes.
  • Delayed screenshots for precise timing.
  • Blur sensitive information to keep privacy.

10. Calendly


Calendly is a well-liked tool for scheduling appointments. Share your available times with a personalized booking page, avoiding email exchanges.

It syncs with calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCloud, and provides a personalized link for booking.

Key Features

  • Shareable links for direct appointment booking.
  • Alerts and notifications.
  • Appointment and event management.
  • Automated and group scheduling.
  • Detailed data on bookings, conversion rates, and other metrics for performance tracking.

What’s the best productivity app?

Each of these 10 apps is great, but my top three are:

  • Monday.com. Ideal for organizing workflows and tracking progress.
  • Marinara Pomodoro Assistant. Keeps me focused with the Pomodoro timer.
  • Grammarly. Enhances my writing and catches mistakes in real time.