Top 10 New iPad Apps In April

#1 CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
A cool little game where you play cats building mean machines to go up against each other in, Pulp Fiction style.

#2 Robot Unicorn Attack 3
So this is the 3rd edition of the game, meaning that it's not brand new, but it has still changed a lot over the years, for those who wants to play robot unicorns.

#3 Super Senso
A new edition of a up and coming game with some potential, mixing modern gameplay with modern animations.

#4 Dumb Ways to Die
The game Dumb Ways to Die was first released in 2013, but the 2.2 version was released on April 26, and is good for a laugh.

#5 City Mania: Town Building Game
A new and very colorful city building game which is a lot more modern in design than most of these games.

It's pretty normal that games become the most popular new free downloaded apps on iPad, but things are at least a little different among the most popular paid iPad apps in April 2017.

#1 Toca Life: Hospital
Unsurprisingly the Swedish gaming company has popped out yet another bestselling iPad app in April, and this time in the Toca Life series, we're at the hospital.

#2 My Town : Museum
Another new childrens game is also at the top of the most popular iPad app list of new apps, with a game that should appeal to 6 to 8 year olds that wants to explore things within a game in a friendly setting, but still with some challenges to master.

#3 Animal World – Animal Sounds For Kids
An education app of sorts for the kids that in a very cartoonish way teaches someone animal sounds for just over 80 animals, and also lets users play characters with the animals.

#4 Future Drummer
A new music app have been launched for iPads, with the Future Drummer featuring 300 editable grooves and 100 multilayer sounds to easily get you started.

#5 Linea – Sketch Simply
A new sketching app, and while it may not offer much new, in world of diversity we all have our user preferences, so choice of user interface can mean a world of difference.

– Jim Miller