The New Square Stand iPad Payment Terminal

The Canadian firm Square is rolling out the new Square Stand, which is their iPad-on-a-swivel payment terminal or Point Of Sales.

It's pretty simple really. Anyone wishing to enable payments with the Square Stand insert a compatible iPad into the stand, which then adds either a contactless tap (including Apple/Google/Samsung Pay), a chip, or PIN payment options through the sensors and readers to the side of the iPad.

Compatible iPads are the 10.2-inch and 10.5-inch models iPad 7 to 9, 3rd gen. iPad Air, and the iPad Pro 10.5.

iPad Payment Terminal For Stores

The fees for the store owner is 2.65% of each transaction.

We've seen a few tablets used as payment terminals and cash registers over the years. Microsoft has also been in the game with the Surface Pro for years.

The Square Stand is a POS, but Square also have their own tablet called the Square Register, where there's a 13-inch tablet on the cashier side, and square 7-inch payment terminal on the other side.

– Tom Bowen