The Largest Tablet Brands In The Third Quarter 2022 – With Apple Still In The Lead

The tablet shipment figures for the third quarter have been estimated by Strategy Analytics so we can take a look of what they believe were the top 5 tablet brands for July, August, and September combined.

With an estimated 38.2 million tablet computers sold during the third quarter this year, Apple continued to lead the way with 14.9 million iPads, Samsung continued to come in at a still solid second place with 7.2 million Galaxy Tablets, while Amazon's Fire tablets came in third with 2.7 million Fire tablets sold.

Lenovo was actually behind Amazon and came in fourth place with 2.7 million tablets, and Huawei came in fifth place with 1.3 million tablets.

Largest Tablet Brands of Q3 2022

Other tablet brands were estimated to 8.4 million tablets combined, which is a lot of tablets, or 22% of the market share.

So Apple was still the largest tablet brand in the world last quarter. But people in the industry also have another way of looking at these figures, which is to judge the market share by operating system. And by that measure, Android tablets usually make up the majority of tablets.

Lenovo has lost a lot of its market share because it has sold fewer Chrome tablets to the education sector the last year. And unlike Apple who sells iPads globally, Lenovo doesn't make all of their tablets globally available.

Considering the updates to the Fire tablets this year, and the three new iPads that Apple just launched, both of these tablet brans should continue to hold on to their market positions for the final quarter this year too.

– Tom Bowen