The Fastest Tablet is also the Most Expensive Tablet

If you want the fastest tablet as of summer 2012 (and some time to come), forget about the many Asus Transformers for a while and check out the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tablet S4 Pro APQ8064 instead. This is a tablet built around Qualcomm's APQ8064 chipset and is meant for developers of all kinds so they can have a complete high-spec tablet to develop and showcase tomorrows technology from.

With a rear 13MP (1080P 30fps Stereo3D) camera with flash, 7 microphones for FluencePRO & Ultrasound, Snapdragon APQ8064 Application Processor with Asynchronous Quad CPU cores at 1.5GHz each, a 3D/2D user interface with advanced dynamic effects and transitions, this tablet is powerful in every way in the hands of a developer who knows how to make us of this technology.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Tablet S4 Pro APQ8064 MDP/T
Qualcomm Snapdragon Tablet S4 Pro APQ8064 MDP/T

Perhaps interestingly, with a bit of imagination the specs may also serve as an indicator of some of the technology we will see in tablets, and apps/programs ahed of us.

Currently, the world's fastest tablet is only available online from Bsquare for the price of $1,299.

Called “Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 MDP/T Mobile Development Platform/Tablet” in full, these are the specs:

Testing Tools
Testing Tools

Operating System
• Android 4.0 (ICS)

• APQ8064 with Asynchronous quad Krait CPU cores at up to 1.5GHz each
• Adreno 320 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

• Wi-Fi 2.5GHz/5GHz, Bluetooth, FM (Rx), GPS

• 10.1” 1366×768 WXGA True Multi-touch capacitive touch screen
• HDMI port

• WVGA 3D/2D capable

• 13MP main camera with fl ash (1080P 30fps)
• 2MP front facing camera

• Stereo3D 1080p HD video

• Surround Sound Stereo Speakers
• 7 microphones support for Fluence Pro and Ultrasound pen & gestures

Internal Memory
• 2GB LPDDR2 + 32GB eMMC

Hard Keys
• Volume and zoom +/-
• Power ON/OFF
• Screen Rotation Lock Switch
• Home button
• HW Reset (recessed)

External connectors
• Micro USB type AB
• 3.5mm Audio Jack +ANC contacts
• DC-IN Barrel charger
• Micro SD Card Slot

Connectors accessible via docking station
• Full-size USB type A
• Ethernet 10/100Mbps
• Full-size HDMI [2] Type A
• DC-IN Charging barrel connector

• 3D Accelerometer
• 3-axis gyro
• 3-axis Compass
• Ambient Light / Proximity Sensor
• Temperature & Pressure Sensor
• Fingerprint reader

• 5200 mAh

Read technical specs concerning Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Chip at Wikipedia.