The Difference Between Samsung Galaxy Store and Google Play Store

If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you might have wondered about the difference between the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. Both of these app stores come pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy phones, but they have some distinct features and purposes. In this article, we will compare the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store to help you understand which one to use.

Galaxy Store vs Play Store: What’s the Difference


The most obvious difference between the two app stores is their availability. The Google Play Store is owned by Google and is available on almost every Android phone. On the other hand, the Galaxy Store is limited to Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy device, you’ll have access to both stores, but if you have a non-Samsung Android phone, you’ll only have access to the Play Store.

Default Accounts

When using the Play Store, you’ll need a Google account, which is most likely already added to your phone. The same account will be used for the Play Store. However, if you’re new to Samsung, you’ll need to create a Samsung account to use the Galaxy Store and other Samsung services like Samsung Cloud.

User Interface

Both the Play Store and the Galaxy Store have a similar user interface (UI). You’ll find apps and games categorized into various sections such as top, free, etc. Tapping on an app will open its detailed view, and you can install it from there. Samsung offers an “Install” button under all apps, making the installation process quicker. In the Play Store, you’ll need to long-press the app and then tap the “Install” button. Both stores have tabs at the bottom and a search bar at the top.

Functionality and Features

Both stores have the same basic functionality of providing Android apps. The Play Store is the official app store for Android and is available on most Android devices, including Samsung phones. The Galaxy Store, on the other hand, is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices and tablets. While the Play Store has a larger app library, some apps are exclusive to the Galaxy Store, such as Fortnite.

You can install apps from either store, and in most cases, you’ll need to use the same store to update them. However, some apps can be updated from both stores. Apps installed from the Play Store cannot be auto-updated from the Galaxy Store; you’ll have to manually update them.

After installation, the apps work the same way regardless of where you installed them from. For example, if you install WhatsApp from the Galaxy Store instead of the Play Store, you won’t have any extra features compared to the Play Store version.

The Galaxy Store is mainly used to provide Samsung exclusive apps and to update pre-installed Samsung apps that aren’t available on the Play Store. You can’t update Samsung exclusive apps from the Play Store.

Regarding features, both stores offer similar functionalities such as wish lists, auto-updates, and the use of gift cards. However, the Play Store also allows you to install books and movies, in addition to games.

Which App Store to Use

If you’re a Samsung user, both app stores have their purpose on the Samsung Galaxy phone. We recommend using the Play Store to install new apps. This way, if you switch to a different Android phone in the future, you’ll be able to reinstall your existing apps easily, which won’t be possible if you use the Galaxy Store.

On the other hand, you’ll need the Galaxy Store to update native Samsung apps. If you don’t use the Galaxy Store for updates, those apps won’t be updated. So, use it only for updating apps and installing exclusive Samsung apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Are There Two App Stores on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Google Play Store is the universal app store that comes pre-installed on all Android phones. However, since Samsung runs its own customized version of Android called OneUI, it needs certain apps that are exclusive to Samsung devices. These apps are available only on the Galaxy Store. Moreover, the Galaxy Store also lists apps for other Samsung devices, such as Samsung Watches. So, instead of looking for Samsung-specific apps on the Play Store, Samsung offers a dedicated store where you can easily find such apps.

Is Galaxy Store the Same as Play Store

Both app stores have the same purpose of providing apps for your phone. However, they differ in several ways, as described above.

Can I Delete Galaxy Store

No, you cannot uninstall or disable the Galaxy Store on your Samsung Galaxy phone. However, the Play Store can be disabled, although we don’t recommend doing so.

Is Galaxy Store Safe

Yes, just like the Play Store, the Galaxy Store is safe to download and install apps. However, the Play Store offers an extra layer of protection with the Play Protect feature, which helps detect harmful apps on your phone.

Wrap Up: Galaxy Store vs Play Store

Although it may seem like the Galaxy Store doesn’t offer as much as the Play Store, in reality, Google has actually tried to limit the Galaxy Store’s reach. However, that shouldn’t deter you from using Samsung Galaxy phones. They offer amazing features when it comes to notifications, gallery, and screenshots.