Teclast TBOOK 16 Launch April 2

Teclast TBOOK 16 will launch April 2 and is taking orders before then for $299:

Teclast TBOOK 16 is an 11.6-inch dual-OS Android 5.1 + Windows 10 tablet, part of their new dual-OS 2-in-1 tablet series called TBook. But so far I've noticed that all of these tablets can be bought without the keyboard, which surely brings down the price a bit.

Teclast TBOOK 16 is more or less in a category of its own, as a dual-OS 11.6-inch tablet. So there is little to compare this tablet with.

Buy Teclast TBOOK 16
Teclast TBOOK 16

Specs are acceptable, just not mindblowing for the price. Specifications begins with a Intel Atom “Cherry Trail” x5-Z8300 processor, 4GB of DDR3L RAM, and 64GB of storage plus 128GB microSD card support.

The 11.6-inch screen has a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS display, so that's decent too. The same goes for the 8000 mAh battery capacity.

It also has a USB 3.0 port in addition to the regular USB 2.0 port. That comes in addition to the HDMI port and the 3.5 mm audio combo jack.

Remaining main specs include the 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, the 2MP front camera, and the 2MP rear camera. The weight is nothing to write home about, at 855 grams, which makes it heaver than even the 13.5-inch Surface Book that only weighs 730 grams.

The thickness is as much as 10.1 mm too.

So compared to the typical light and thin mobile standard of modern tablets in 2016, this tablet is falling behind. But for more stationary use, it's still an interesting tablet. I wouldn't mind one.

Teclast TBOOK 16
Teclast TBOOK 16

– Jim Miller