Teclast Tbook 10 S Review – 10.1-Inch Full HD 2-In-1 Tablet With 4GB RAM

Whether you are in the market for a good performing yet cheap 10.1-inch tablet or a 2-in-1 tablet with detachable keyboard – running either Windows 10 or Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, or both, the 2017 Teclast Tbook 10 S can deliver in all categories. Being the top model among its rivals and powered by a Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor as opposed to the Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor in the 2016 Teclast Tbook 10, I wanted to do a long term Teclast Tbook 10 S review too see how I would like this Android & Windows 2-in-1 tablet after spending some time with it.

Teclast Tbook 10 S (E6N2) is a 10.1-inch Full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution tablet with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and optional keyboard. But even so, the price is still very low, at just $159: http://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_6918692.html

In brief, I like the Teclast Tbook 10 S more than my old Asus Transformer Book T100, with my main complaint being a Wi-Fi range that makes the bandwidth go down more than average over longer distances. But that can be worked around.

Teclast Tbook 10 S - Windows TabletTeclast Tbook 10 S - Android TabletTeclast Tbook 10 S - Android tablet with keyboardTeclast Tbook 10 S - Windows tablet with keyboard

Starting with the performance, the Teclast Tbook 10 S performs like you would expect, with 64GB of eMMC storage, 4GB of DDR3L RAM, and the quad-core Intel Atom “Cherry Trail” x5-Z8350 processor at 1.44 – 1.92 GHz. The processor and RAM performs well, achieving Geekbench scores of almost 900 in single-core and 2000 in multi-core, on average. It handles large apps, and complicated things like Java scripts quickly and smoothly. So like with all computers, it’s only when you overstep the intentions of a computer, ike if you want to do hardcore gaming with high framerates at high resolution that it will start to slow down. All other normal games works well, both in load time and smoothness.

The Teclast Tbook 10 S score in the AnTuTu benchmark was 58308 as you can see below, so that’s good value for money. The processor and RAM works well. In the CrystalDisk benchmark for the 64GB storage, the generic storage was benchmarked with 130MB/s read speeds, and 33MB/s write speeds at the highest, but I didn’t notice any problems with the read/write speeds in games, apps, movies, or documents. The memory bandwidth was benchmarked to 4.7GB/s in Geekbench.

Teclast Tbook 10 S Benchmark GeekbenchTeclast Tbook 10 S Geekbench BenchmarksTeclast Tbook 10 S Benchmark AnTuTu

The back of the tablet doesn’t get too warm when gaming, or when running combinations of complex Java applications with high Wi-Fi bandwidths streaming while also charging the tablet at the same time.

With USB OTG you can add USB hubs or any USB device you like, and the HDMI port works well with external displays. The tablet itself can also run 4K videos glitch free.

Teclast Tbook 10 S Review

Teclast Tbook 10 S is a dual-boot or dual-OS tablet with both 64-bit Windows 10, as well as Android 5.1 Lollipop without any bloatware.

With 64GB of storage, a little over 40GB is partitioned to Windows with 25GB storage space available after the updates, while Android is partitioned with a little over 20GB of storage, with just over 15GB storage space available after the updates. MicroSD cards up to 128GB are supported, and the tablet is powerful enough to drive external hard drives through the USB port without the need for external power for any additional hard drives.

Users can swap between Android and Windows easily both inside an OS, or when it has been turned off completely and starts up again. But when you put it to sleep, it will awake with the OS you used the last, just like any other tablet. So that gives users over 3 million apps to chose from in Google Play and Windows Store combined, in addition to all of the many Windows programs that have never been placed in Windows Store as an app in the first place.

Windows 10 Apps on Teclast tbook 10 SAndroid Apps in Google Play on Teclast tbook 10 S

Both operating systems works well on this Teclast tablet. Android was designed for mobile computing, but so is Windows 10, and Windows 10 users can easily swap between regular Desktop Mode and into Tablet Mode with larger tiles and the many, many tablet settings, by swiping from the right side of the bezels onto the display to swap between mode of operation.

The Windows button works as a Home Button in both Windows and Android, so that’s a nice touch that adds some extra user friendliness. Cortana is also there, ready to assist you if you want to do voice searches, activate apps, close apps, search maps, check the weather forecast, make notes or appointments, or have Cortana recognize what song is playing.

Browsers scroll well in both Android and Windows. I’ve used and tested this Teclast tablet for weeks now, which means that any problems with the browsers or OS that may have been there, will have been fixed by the automatic updates by now. Because of that, I always find it a good idea to use tablets for a while to break them in, before I give a verdict on them.

Teclast Tbook 10 S Test

The design of Teclast Tbook 10 S is smart and of high build quality. It has a solid aluminum alloy casing, tight build, and the color of the tablet is Champagne Gold, but in a discreet way, with an understated elegance, enhanced by a sort of diamond cut thin shiny edges around the frame of the tablet. The finish also provides good friction and grip on the back and on the sides of the tablet, while still making it feel smooth in your hands. The aluminum alloy body makes this tablet very solid, and it is perfectly balanced with equal weight on each side.

Teclast Tbook 10 S

Teclast Tbook 10 S

It is 8.7 mm thick and weighs 586 grams, and a positive feature is that the bezels are thinner than what is standard in this tablet category too, and I measured the bezels being between 12-13 mm wide around the display. It has a combined on/off or wake/sleep button on top, right next to the +/- volume rocker and, and it has the Windows Home button on the bezel.

It’s then equipped with a microSD card slot, a mini-HDMI port, a micro-USB 2.0 port, a 3.5 mm audio combo jack, a DC charge port (with a DC-to-USB charge port cable in the box), stereo speakers at bottom on each side in landscape mode, a smart discreet and hardly noticeable front facing mic, and a 2MP front camera.

Teclast Tbook 10 S - ports

These 2MP cameras tends to take grainy pictures, and this camera is no exception. It’s like it has a very high ISO. There is no size distortion of objects seen through the camera, the colors are generally accurate, and the video frame rate is good in video chat. It’s just that the overall picture quality could be better because it lacks sharpness and good contrasts, but I have seen worse cameras too.

The microphone pickup is between normal and good, maybe a bit better than average because of the smart location of the mic. The speakers are loud so the volume is good, but the sound quality that is produced is typical tablet speaker sound, with clear vocals but little bass of course.

Teclast Tbook 10 S - Screen and Display

The 10.1-inch screen on Teclast Tbook 10 S has a Full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution display with wide viewing angles. The screen is sharp, with clear and sharp text that is pleasant to read, and the colors are accurate, with not too much saturation and not too little either.

If used in strongly sunlight areas, either outdoors or in a bright room in a skyscraper with lots of sun coming in through large windows, then the screen could be a little brighter, otherwise I found it bright enough. The reflection levels are normal, and as demonstrated in the first image below, I also tested it with the sun shining directly onto 1/3 of the display, and as you can see, it hardly has any effect at all on the right side of the screen.

Teclast Tbook 10 S outdoors

Teclast Tbook 10 S outdoors reflection test on snow and ice

The display has 10-point touch support, and the display responds to touches very well, while it also feels very smooth to touch and swipe.
A new optional pen has been made for the 2017 model Teclast Tbook 10 S that is different than the pen for the non-S Teclast Tbook 10, but since it lacks palm rejection, I don’t see much point, unless you understand how it will behave then.

I can recommend the optional Teclast Tbook 10 S keyboard dock though. The Teclast Tbook 10 S keyboard has the same Champagne Gold color as the Teclast Tbook 10 S tablet, and this detachable keyboard is attached through strong magnets in combination with two supporting pins or columns to keep the tablet safely attached. The magnets in this attachment are so strong, that you can safely lift up the tablet with the keyboard hanging attached underneath, and the keyboard still won’t fall off. I don’t actually recommend holding it like that, but you can if you want to.

But despite that, it is still quick and easy to detach the tablet from the keyboard, by holding the keyboard lightly down while tilting the tablet off to the side. So that makes it a very friendly 2-in-1 tablet to use.

The keyboard also doubles as a stand, so you can turn the tablet around and attach it away from the keys of the keyboard, or place it “upside down” in tent mode, or put int in clipboard mode on top of the keyboard with the screen facing out, or even in vertical tent mode, and it will still be standing very firmly, with no chance of falling over. The hinges also have just the right amount of resistance to them to make sure of that. The data connectors between the tablet and the keyboard are gold plated pogo pins, and it has 4 anti-slip grip points under the keyboard, to prevent the keyboard from sliding.

Teclast Tbook 10 S keyboard

Teclast Tbook 10 S keyboard

The Teclast Tbook 10 S keyboard also adds a full-size USB port on the right side, and it has a touchpad/trackpad with integrated left and right mouse click buttons on the bottom of the touchpad. And with the touchpad you get the Windows 10 touchpad gestures too, which all works on this keyboard.

The mouse pointer surfaces on the screen when you start using the touchpad, but disappears again if you start to touch the screen with your fingers. You can lock the touchpad to prevent accidental touches, and there’s even a Number Lock on the keyboard.

Even though the keyboard is a “10-inch keyboard”, compared to full-size keyboards, the difference in distance between the first row of QWERTY letter keys from the left side Q to the right side P, is actually only half an inch, or about 12 mm in total. The keys are very accurate, so typing and pressing the keys can be done with a lot of confidence. The keys on this keyboard are also more silent than average when you type.

Teclast Tbook 10 S - Charging and battery life

The Teclast Tbook 10 S battery life comes in at 4 hours and 31 minutes in repeated tests, and the battery capacity is 6000 mAh. Charging the tablet is achieved the fastest through the 2.5A DC port, with a charging time of just under 3 hours. But you can also charge through the micro-USB port which will take a little bit longer.

To connect to the Internet, this tablet has Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi cover. The Wi-Fi bandwidth is normal at close range to the Wi-Fi router, but the download bandwidth tends to drop over longer distances. For an as of yet unknown reason, it affects the download bandwidth much more than the upload bandwidth on longer distances. So because of that, I am not sure where the issue is. I have notified Teclast, and I’m crossing my fingers for a hypothetical firmware update that can improve this. I will update this article if Teclast informs me later on.

There is a way around this in the meantime though, which would make the Wi-Fi even better than an optimal original, and that’s by opting for a small USB ac Wi-Fi dongle which starts at $10. USB ac Wi-Fi adapters comes in different sizes, and the smallest ones are just tiny 10 mm dongles. With an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi adapter, users get the fastest possible Wi-Fi anyway, so that would upgrade the tablet a lot, and it would improve both the Wi-Fi range and the bandwidth or speed up to maximum, provided you have ac Wi-Fi in your Wi-Fi router of course.

Cons Pros
– Wi-Fi bandwidth drop on long distances.
– Battery life could be improved.
– Grainy pictures from camera.
– Good display.
– High build quality.
– User friendly and versatile.
– Good value for money.

In conclusion, the Teclast Tbook 10 S gives a lot, either as a Windows tablet, Android tablet, Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet, or as an Android tablet with detachable keyboard – It can do all four categories, and it can run Microsoft Office an other work tasks in both Android and Windows, run large apps, edit files, do gaming, browsing, and social media, play movies, view and edit images.

Because of its capacities, it can be used as a proper computer, either as a budget computer or as an additional portable computer.
And because of the price, it can be upgraded in the areas where it could improve, and still not cost much. A 10.000 mah power bank costs around $20 and would more than double the battery life. A USB ac Wi-Fi dongle starts at around $10.

Teclast Tbook 10 S - Windows 10 2-in-1

Teclast Tbook 10 S 2-in-1 tablet with keyboard

Android tablet with keyboard

– Tom Bowen

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