Tech & Gaming: Which Tools Do You Need?

It seems that everyone today has a favorite game. Whether they’re a casual gamer who likes to open up Candy Crush to pass the time in a waiting room, or a fans of the reels who play slots online, most people spend time playing their favorite titles on a regular basis.

But there’s a lot to learn about gaming and technology. Today, you can find quality titles for smartphones, tablets, PCs, consoles, and even via a web browser.

So, which one is best for which type of gamer? And what else do newcomers need to know about the intersection of popular games and technology? Keep reading for more information, broken down by the device used to play with.

Intro to the Browser & Tablet Experience

One of the easiest ways to start gaming is to play a game straight from a browser or from a tablet. Keep in mind that tablets are treated like smartphones, which means you’ll need to download an app to play a game. With a much larger screen than the standard iPhone or Android, tablet games are a great choice for casual gamers.

For example, one of the most popular games worldwide is slots. While other casino games focus on tactics and probabilities, online slots instead provide a more video game-like experience. For example, titles like Gonzo´s Quest and Starburst include first-class graphics and settings—along with unique ways to win at each title.

Playing slots on a tablet means there’s added screen space. This makes the games more visually engaging. Similarly, many online casinos are available straight from a browser, which makes logging in and playing incredibly easy to navigate.

Mobile Games: eSports vs. Casual Titles

Similar to tablets, many casual gamers prefer to access their favorite titles from a mobile device. If you feel comfortable navigating the game and can appreciate its visual design from a smartphone screen, then you’re all set as you are. However, it’s important to note that some titles might not be optimized for a mobile screen.

For example, diehard gamers often have a single title that they stick to. In some cases, they’re working on developing their skills with the hopes of becoming professional eSports gamers. If this is so, then it’s best to stick with the format used in official competitions.

Call of Duty is one of the most popular and competitive eSports titles in the world. Developers recently released a mobile adaptation of the game (which is usually played on a console or PC).

If you’re looking to join a COD team someday, stick with either PC or console, as there aren’t any notable Call of Duty: Mobile tournaments or leagues just yet.

Optimizing a PC Space

As mentioned above, most competitive eSports games are played on consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation and/or PC. Consoles are played with controllers (covered below), while PC games are played with a computer keyboard. If you’re just starting your journey in PC gaming, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

First, consider downloading Steam, which connects you to a wide range of games. Second, opt for quality accessories, prioritizing a mouse and keyboard.

Then consider other elements of your gaming experience, like ergonomic chairs that help your posture. Keep in mind that you should be at eye level with your screen to avoid neck and shoulder pain.

Wire Considerations for Console Gamers

Console gamers will face similar hardware challenges to PC enthusiasts. Once again, you should consider your physical posture and which gaming setup will save you from body aches after long stretches of play. Another tip is to invest in Bluetooth controllers to avoid tangled cables.

Just as PC gamers can download Steam to access some of the world’s most popular titles, console gamers can look into subscriptions.

These let them access certain games with a monthly payment, like Netflix for video games. Sony and Microsoft each have subscriptions for PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. You can also look into other subscriptions, like