TCL Tab Pro 5G Tablet – First Image Leak

TCL is aiming to grow the tablet side of its mobile business, and to do so they are going to release a wide variety of tablets over the next couple of years, including 5G tablets.

Thanks to the first image leak we can now have a preview of what the TCL Tab Pro 5G tablet that I leaked in July, will look like.

Based on previous information I've come up with, the TCL Tab Pro 5G tablet with model number 9198S features a 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G processor, with 4GB of RAM, Wi-Fi 6, and even a LED for the rear camera as we can see.

TCL Tab Pro 5G  Tablet 9198S
TCL Tab Pro 5G tablet

Unlike some of the special components tablets that TCL has in the pipeline but have been delayed because of components shortages, the TCL Tab Pro 5G should feature some more widely available components.

As such, it will be able to launch within 2021, even in USA where TCL continues to expand its presence.

– Tom Bowen