TCL Slider Tablet Concept Would Have Been On Show At The Canceled MWC 2020

The annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, was canceled this year because of the coronavirus. And now we are learning about one of the mobile products that we may have missed out on from the trade show.

Supposedly, TCL would have unveiled a 7-inch foldable concept tablet phone with the form factor of a slider, says Cnet, who we can thank for the images of it.

And instead of folding in the middle like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it would instead fold by splitting in the middle of the tablet screen and slide into itself to half its size.

Keep in mind that this is described as a concept tablet phone only, and not a prototype. At least not yet. Because it’s easy to see the challenge in the design, as any bit of dust or particle would eventually scratch the screen and create a long line of dead pixels across the screen.

It’s not impossible that we’ll see more concepts or prototypes with this form of design in 2020 – 2021 though, because a few tablet and phone brands have for years experimented rollable displays that are based on an almost similar type of form factor.

– Tom Bowen

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