Tablets And Computers To Get More Expensive In Q3

For the last 10 months now in particular, there has been a shortage in computer components used it tablets and computers, and this is an issue that looks like it will continue for the rest of the 2017 too. And now several inudustry sources, including Asus and Lenovo are saying that the effect of that will be felt from Q3 this year in the form of price hikes for tablets and computers.

But there are additional and more natural reasons for the price hikes too, such as price hikes on the components themselves, ranging from more expensive batteries and displays to storage units and RAM.

The manufacturers of these components expects tablet brands to increase the prices when the new and top-editions “2nd gen.” Kaby Lake processors are released in Q3, according to sources Digitimes have been in touch with.

Both Lenovo and Asus have confirmed that they are planning to increase prices later this year.

The price hike have been discussed in the industry for a while, and when the cheapest Kaby Lake tablet on the market has bottomed out at the $300 mark, which is the case with the Cube Mix Plus, it was only a matter of time before prices would start going up again.

– Tom Bowen