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Tablet Deals For Labor Day Weekend – Includes iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft, More…

As we are in the Labor Day long weekend, that means there’s sales on computers. So here’s the breakdown of all the best tablet deals around Labor Day weekend.

A couple of Amazon’s larger Fire tablets are on sale, but not the smaller ones. The 10.1-inch Full HD tablet Fire HD 10 is $30 off, while the larger and brand new Fire Max 11 is $40 off.

The largest discount is actually with the children’s version, Fire HD 10 Kids which is as much as $60 off for Labor Day.

Microsoft Store recently stopped selling computers from other brands and are now exclusively selling Surface tablets and other Surface computers. But they have a couple of different sales campaigns for that, ranging from discounts, to trade-ins, to financing options.

Lenovo Store has some good deals on tablets, mainly on the Tab P11 (Gen 2) for $217, and the Tab M9 for $99. But for the latter deal, Lenovo says you have drive to Best Buy to pick it up yourself.

One of the world’s fastest tablet computers is also on sale, as the 13.4 Windows tablet Asus ROG Flow Z13 (2022) with i5-12500H CPU, 16GB RAM, and 512GB storage, is on sale for just $859. And that’s even with the keyboard included.

Another tablet with a keyboard included, that’s also on sale is the 11.6-inch Android tablet OnePlus Pad which has a $150 discount.

Samsung’s waterproof new flagship tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ both have bundle deals going these days, where Samsung’s $150 keyboard is included for free.

A twist on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 and S9+ sales is to get twice the storage instead, with no price increase.

The upgraded Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is also on sale for under $250, which is a record low price for this tablet.

Two smaller Android tablets that are on sale includes the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for $118, and the 9-inch Lenovo Tab M9 for $139.

Both of these two small tablets have some serious competition these days though after Alldocube officially launched the iPlay 50 Mini in USA for just $89, despite having better performance.

I’m also happy to see that two tablets from Apple are on sale again during the busy back to school computer shopping season. Both powerful iPad Air and the iPad mini re $100 off. Not bad for two such powerful tablets. Connect a large monitor to the iPad mini, and this 8.3-inch tablet can be a real workhorse.

And finally, we are seeing a couple of Chuwi Store discounts that are valid until September 10th, where Android 13 tablets like the 10.1-inch Hi10 XPro are on sale for $89.

– Jim Miller